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15 August 2017

ValuedVoice Review: Confirmed way to make money online whether you own a blog or an active Social Media Account Like Facebok and Twitter

You have a blog and earning from that blog should not be a problem with valuedvoice


Valuedvoice.com would help you earn from your blog with the help of advertisers who need blogs to showcase their services or products.

You get paid when an advertiser sees your blog and would love to sponsor a post or his or her products and services.

This is normally called sponsored posts or reviews.

Having advertisers contact you for sponsored posts requires a quality and active blog.

One that provides solution to readers problems and as well post contents regularly.

With valuedvoice you no longer have to wait for advertisers to find your blog before they can contact you, because your blog is automatically placed by ValuedVoice on their website.

How to Make Money with Valued Voice in 3 Ways

You have 3 options to make money on valuedvoice you just need to decide which to

If I were you I would use all 3 means to make some money for myself

1. Make Money on your Blog with Valued Voice

If you have an active blog, you can make money from sponsored posts. You can make up to $50+ depending on the quality of your blog.

Advertisers love blogs with huge traffic, that post articles regularly etc.

2: Make money with Valued Voice using your Social Media Account E.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel

If you have an active facebook account: One that get huge comments or likes and shares you can make money with it, thesame goes with twitter and active youtube channel!

Do not waste your time posting pictures and getting ton of comments without making a dime. Valued Voice can help you earn when advertisers advertise their products or services on your wall!

I saved the best for the last

3: Make money from Valued Voice by Referring new people

Fortunately this is the laziest but easiest and fastest way to make money from valuedvoice

If I told you am lazy you won't believe me LOL but believe me on this one.

A friend of mine [name witheld for privacy reasons] cashed out his earnings using the Lazy Man Method but easiest way!

Referring New users to valued voice who get their blog approved would earn you $5 per referred person.

Once you register you will be given your link to share with others.

Now that you know how to make money from valued voice, its time to signup.

Am referring you so click here to register and support me me for taking the time to show you this legit way of making money with or without a blog.

Register with your email and fill in your Accounts e.g. Blog, Social Media Accounts, etc..

Your earnings would be sent to you via Paypal.

Don't have a Paypal Account? Register for Valuedvoice first in the space for paypal email enter your normal email
You can edit it lera when you signup for paypal and contact me in the comment box to Register one paypal account for you [fees apply when you don't register with my link].

As the title implies, it is confirmed and not some scam website.

Signup here right away!

So this is how you can make money with valued voice.

Questions? Let me know in your comments.
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12 August 2017

Get Paid for Locking Contents with CPAlead Easily and Fast

Whether you have a blog or have a personal social media page /profile you can make some extra money locking premium contents using CPAlead.

You'd agree with me that getting paid online definitely takes time but could be done easily and fast only if you follow the right methods.

Ever thought of locking a link, file or document and getting paid for it? Well, yea!

With the help of CPA lead, you can lock your premium contents e.g. files and Links and have people download it while you are paid on a weekly basis.

CPA meaning cost per action is the only way to make money online without making a sale. You get paid up to $1 - $3 when anyone takes a survey, download a content, submits their email or pin etc..

What is CPAlead? 

CPA Lead Generation Network providing PPC advertising, CPA offers, and CPI mobile app installs. Just like other CPA networks like Maxbounty. 

How to Make Money from CPAlead

Its way very easy to make money from CPA lead. All you need do is signup with cpalead and you are good to go. 

You'd be given a wide range of banners to promote which you can share on your blogs or you can as well, lock a content and you'd be given a link to share. 

When anyone clicks through the link and completes the offer you setup, you get paid for it up to $2+ through Paypal.

You'd get to understand the network when you signup and are taken to the dashboard. 

Signup Now and start earning. I'm always here in case you have questions. Ask them in the comment box and I would attend to you as soon as i can

Also See: How to Promote CPA offers using a landing page

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How to setup a CPA landing page: Very Simple One

Need to setup a CPA Landing Page for your CPA Promotion? you are in the right place and on the right post.

You really want to run a Facebook Ad but definitely you cannot run that Ad on Facebook directly using the CPA Link given to you so a Landing Page is best, because you can easily set it up and redirect users. When they click and gets on your landing page, they can be redirected to your Original CPA Link.

But before I show you how to create a CPA Landing Page for your promotion let's check some few things for you!

What is CPA?

Usually referred to as Cost Per Action, CPA is the only way to make money online without making a sale. Unlike affiliate marketing where you are to make a sale before getting paid commission.

CPA networks pay you for as little as getting people to signup to a newsletter, downloading something etc.. You can join CPA lead, very simple to join and start promoting them right away and earn some money for yourself.

How to Create Landing Pages for CPA Promotion

You must have heard of landing pages. They are great way to promote CPA offers especially when you want to run an Facebook Adcampaign for your CPA promotion. 

Example of Cool Landing Page below:

Above is just one of landing pages. But I've got a really simple one, I designed it recently and I'm gonna show you how to do it in short time. See it here Open in new tab.

Now you see the above, straight to the Point and Clean and Neat

Now am going to show you how you can create a really simple Landing Page like that one.

I use InstaPage for designing my landing pages because to me it's the best landing page ever and so I'd be using it for the tutorial.

First you Signup for Instapage note that you are entitled to 14 days free trial and then would be billed according to their pricing here

When you fill in the necessary details, you'd be taken to your dashboard.
Now you need to click on Create New Page: Now we are getting into setting up your new landing page.

From the Next Pop Up like this one below, Click Pick a template.

Now you have lot of templates to choose from, you can either select already made ones or select the Blank Template (I recommend this). So select Blank template.

You have all of the tools to designing and customizing your template. Tools like the signup form, links, etc. would help you design a cool landing page on Instapage.

When done, the last thing is to get the url you are going to be sending to people before they actually arrive at your landing page for conversation.

Now Click Publish and select the last option which is Demo Page.

Input any subdomain you'd like. If you are promoting amazon CPA offer, you could use something like amazoncpaoffer1.pagedemo.com.

Now you have your landing page fully setup, start sending visitors to the landing page.

This is how to setup a cpa landing page to promote your cpa offers. 

On the next post I would teach you how to collect emails from visitors you send to landing page. This is to get in touch with them even before they click on the offer.

Enjoyed the Post

Do share with friends and wherever you have questions, ask them in the comment box and I'd get in touch with you!

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21 June 2017

FCMB introduces Cash Deposits through ATM

You can now make deposits Using FCMB Atm, surprised?

Fcmb one of the best Nigerian Banks has now joined Access Bank in making Cash Deposits alot easier for its customers.

What does this mean for you?

1. Now you do not need to join the queue inside the banking hall before you can make a deposit, your time is so precious

2. You can now make deposits at any time of your choice, be it morning, afternoon or midnight (Lol)

Now let me explain the whole thing to you.

At the moment its not available in all the states and branches, but yours could be among.

Below are the list of branches for the Cash Deposits through ATM

Adetokunbo AdemolaLagos
Allen AvenueLagos
Benin, Mission RoadBenin
Head OfficeLagos
Oba AkranLagos
Olu Obasanjo, Port HarcourtRivers
Sanusi FafunwaLagos

So how do you go about paying and confirming your payment.

Here are what you should know when making deposit through FCMB ATM Machines

1. Denominations of N1000 and N500 are accepted currently and N200 for some branches.

2. The receiver's account would be credited instantly

3. To be sure of this; you will be offered a receipt of payment immediately.

4. You will need your Visa or verve card to be able to initiate the Cash payment.

Check their Step by Step Guide on How to make the deposit effectively without mistakes.

That Is it; Bank has not been this easier, right?

Let me know what you think about this new development.
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7 June 2017

How to Start Selling Recharge Cards as a Secondary School Student without Actually Buying it

You may marvel at this heading "How to start selling recharge cards without actually buying it" How is that Possible you say?

Well, this is mainly for the students (Secondary Schools) in the home who are willing to start making themselves some quick money while they go to school.

Right on this post am going to be teaching you how you can go to school and still make some money for yourself through selling recharge card with the help of an App called Geopoll.

We have already talked about how you can be getting free airtime repeatedly from Geopoll App. If you have not started receiving yours already? Read the Post on How to Earn free airtime on all Nigerian Networks.

I went through the post again and again and decided to extract something from it that can be beneficial to the readers of this blog and that is what am going to share with you.

How to Sell Recharge Cards as a Student with Geopoll App

Geopoll App lets you earn free Airtime. Why don't you take Advantage of this free artime?
In a day with geopoll you earn more than N300 airtime. Do you use that airtime only for calls and Browsing?

You should take advantage of this free airtime App to make some physical cash for yourself. While you go to school or when at home you can sell that airtime and get some good amount of money.

For Example:

"You earn airtime up to N1000, while at home or in school you can offer to sell that airtime to a friend for N800" while you get your cash straight to your Pocket.

I have a friend that has made up to N3000 plus airtime and made some cool cash for himself just following the method in this post.

Now you may be asking "How do I sell the Airtime"?

There are no much ways here; all you need do is get the person's number and transfer th
 e airtime to him or her and collect your Money.

This way you can earn some cool money without having to collect from your Dad or Mom always.

So following this method; you can start selling your airtime without actually buying it.

Did you enjoy this Post? then make sure you share it with your friends and leave your comments in the comment box.
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5 June 2017

How to Earn free Airtime repeatedly on MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo [New]

Hello there! Welcome once more. This is not so new but I believe there are some late comers in our midst here [LOL].

It would be nice to let you know that I no longer buy Airtime. Surprised? 

Yes! True; with the help of an App called Geopoll, all I do now Is answer few questions and earn free airtime and that's exactly what am going to share with you as a reader of this Blog.

Curious? Alright. Let me teach you how to get free airtime with Geopoll but before then why not know what Geopoll is all about? Let's get to it right?

Introducing Geopoll


Geopoll is an App that allows you earn airtime for free by just completing few tasks but wait; 

When I say TASKS I don't actually mean that you need to do some kinda difficult ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ work. The task involved is just answering few questions about yourself in form of survet (Not shared with third party though] and you are rewarded with Airtime instantly.

In few minutes I would teach you how to earn free airtime with Geopoll but look;

You not only earn when you answer questions (take surveys) but also when you invite your friends to earn free airtime with Geopoll too.. Very Kind right?  

There's more to this;

You can send the Airtime to your registered phone number when you earn up to N100 instantly.

Now you say; Prosper, take me to the Post. Alright here it is below;

How to Earn Free Airtime  with Geopoll

I would take you there; just few seconds 

What do you need to earn free airtime with geopoll?

1. An Android Phone to install Geopoll on
2. Geopoll App to Earn the Airtime
3. Data to download the App

How to earn free Airtime with Geopoll

Step 1. Download the Geopoll App from Playstore. Click this link to download 

Step 2. Install and Open

Step 3. Now input your Phone Number and Password to register. In the Field for referral code Input my Code ZGMJ1YX or leave Blank.

Remember that when you put my referral code i would earn some airtime too for referring you to get free airtime. So its a win win ๐Ÿ˜€.

Step 4. Now they would send you a confirmation code. Enter that code in the box for confirmation code and viola! 

You are on your way to earning free Airtime. 

How to Make the Airtime Fast 

1. Complete Surveys; When you login you would be welcomed with tasks (surveys) you can complete to earn. 

Each survey you complete you earn airtime amount attached to it.

2. Refer others : This is one of the fastest ways to earn airtime with geopoll

Now you see how to get free airtime with Geopoll? Why not share it with your friends?

You can as well drop your referral Code in the comment box to earn more money when any one registers with it. 

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3 June 2017

How I Fixed my Super Slow Windows 7 Ultimate and Increased speed by 91%

Hello there; this is a Case Study of my experience with a Super Slow Windows 7 and the remedies I used to Fix it in just few minutes.

On this post am going to show you how I was able to fix my super slow windows 7 ultimate and increased the speed by 91%.

Well, it all started suddenly when I downgraded my baby from windows 10 to windows 7. I noticed some slight slowness in the system's performance. This was not normal, though I overlooked the first time until it got worst to the extent that it no longer allows me to do important things anymore.

I tried many ways which includes;

1. Repairing
2. Scanning etc..

None of them worked well, thanks to some resources online that I got infos from though I no longer remember most of the sites i visited for solution butt they helped me in one way or the other.

I did some minor things and got it working superb fast in just few minutes and ofcourse that's what you wanna hear right on this post.

The Case Study (Exact Steps I took to Fix my Slow Windows 7 Ultimate and Increased speed by 91%)

1. Disk Clearing

The first thing I did as usual was deleting all unnecessary Programs and as well deleted them from the recycle bin too.

I cleared Temp Folder

Incase you don't know what temp folder is, the temp folder contains files that are only needed temporally. Unfortunately, these files don't always get deleted after their job is done, resulting in wasted drive space.

How I did it? 

I cleared the Temp Folder by going to Start Menu >> Search for Run and type %temp% when it opened I deleted all the files though some files refused deleting which is normal. The  best way to do this is by using Ctrl + A to highlight all and delete. Ignore those that refused to delete and move on. 

 I cleared Local Disk Temp Folder too by going to start menu >> Run and type in c:\windows\temp and deleted all files in the folder. 

This Temp Folder files were actually taking up to 75mb of my Disk Space.

2. I disabled Programs on Startup  
There are some Programs which tend to run while the system is turning on; this in turn slows down the system unknowingly. One example is the Microsoft Paint. 

How I disabled it on Startup
- Go to Start Menu >> Run and type in msconfig 
- It would bring up a dialogue, just click on Startup and Uncheck the Program: Note that in my case it was only the Paint Program that happened to run on startup. Yours may be different. either ways uncheck it and click Ok.


3. Uninstalling Internet Explorer

I uninstalled the default Internet Explorer since I already have Firefox that does the same job and is even more flexible. Having the internet explorer was like an extra load force.

How I uninstalled Internet Explorer and how you can do thesame 

- Go to Start menu >> Control Panel 
- Click on Programs >> select Turn on Windows Features on or Off
 - Now you need to Uncheck Internet Explorer and accept the prompt
- Finally I clicked on Ok and Accepted the Prompt to Restart the system.

The system displayed something similar to "Updating Features" but that was not a problem as that is as a result of disabling Internet Explorer. I just waited for some few minutes and restarted the Computer. 

It did same "Updating Features" and this time came up live, sound and Fast like never before. Doing just above three things fixed my superfast slow windows 7 and Increased the Speed by 91%. 

Extra Tips to keep your windows 7 in good health. 
  • Always delete unnecessary files you download from the Internet 
  • Do not only delete, delete permanently from Recycle Bin
  • keep your Desktop Clean: Allow just at least 4 files i.e. the Recycle Bin, The Computer Short Cut etc.
 Incase you are facing this problem and get to use my Tips let me know if it works for you. Please Share with friends too.


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2 June 2017

3 ways to Buy airtime from your FCMB Account

It's always recommended that you not know only  one way to do something when there are actually other ways to do it right? why?

This is because the one way you know might decide to let you down one day, thats why it's good to know more than one way to do things and right on this post, you are going to learn 3 ways to buy airtime from your fcmb account. 

There are three ways you can buy airtime from your fcmb account which am going to share with you incase one way decides to stop working; you won't be frustrated.

The 3 ways to buy airtime from your FCMB Account

The First Way 

The first method is the USSD Code method. Havent heard of it? hun? no worries.
If you have not used the USSD method before, its the easiest way to buy airtime from your fcmb account.

How to buy airtime from fcmb account using USSD Codes

Like I said earlier; this is one of the easiest way; *389*AMOUNT#
That is it; your account would be debited of the amount you purchased the card and your airtime balance credited.

Incase this does not work you and you get error messages then its certain the phone number you are trying to use is not the one you used in registering for that FCMB Account.

If it still fails even after confirming its the account you used in registering; follow the post on  how to activate the FCMB 329 Code, you won't have problems.   

The Second Way to buy Airtime from your FCMB Account 

This second way is the Mobile App.   This method deals with the FCMB Mobile Plus.
First step to take is to read this article on it  and download the App.
Install and open it. Now you need to click on register for FCMB Mobile Plus; but just login in right away if you already operate FCMB Internet Banking (you login with your internet banking details. If not, you need to register with your Accont Details. Scroll Down to where you see I agree and finish your registration then follow below to buy airtime from FCMB Mobile Plus.

How to buy or purchase airtime using FCMB Mobile Plus 

Now that you're logged in, you need to hit Payments located in the button; then click mobile top up.

Select your Account Details and enter the amount of airtime you want to purchase. you should check the box for "Recharge my Account" if you want to purchase the airtime for yourself. Otherwise enter the mobile number you want to recharge and  enter your transaction password and hit the continue button.

Finally you need to click confirm button and accept the prompt with yes.
Your mobile number number would be credited immediately.


The Third way to buy Airtime from your FCMB Account
This method requires that you have an FCMB Internet Banking. If you have not registered for the FCMB Internet Banking; Read how to Register for FCMB Internet Banking and start transacting online immediately.

If you have already registered for FCMB Internet Banking and wants to know how to buy airtime using it then keep reading otherwise; register for the FCMB Internet Banking here before proceeding.

Also See: FCMB Internet Banking vs FCMB Online Banking: The Surprising Differences

 How to buy Airtime using FCMB Internet Banking 

This is quite simple as well if you follow the steps highlighted in the steps below;
1. Login to your Internet Banking; look by the left sidebar and click on Bills Payment
2. Select Airtime Recharge

3. From the next page you need to enter your details
- Select your Account; the one you want to buy airtime from
- Select the network you want to recharge
- Click on the drop down to select the amount of airtime you want to buy. It ranges from 100,200,500,1000 but in case you want to transfer 300,400 etc.. Ignore the "Top up with ..." option and select "Airtel Top up" now you can put any amount you want to buy.

- Enter the phone Number you want to top up
- select your authentication type (the code you would receive before you can make transactions with your fcmb internet banking. Select SMS/Email token and click continue.

You need to put the token code they would send you followed by your password and click Pay for Airtime and that's it.

These are there three ways to buy airtime from your FCMB Account.

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31 May 2017

How To Pay DSTV and GOTV Subscriptions With FCMB Mobile Plus

FCMB Mobile Plus gives you access to almost everything with your Bank. 

If you came across then it's certain you searched for How to Pay your Dstv and Both subscriptions with FCMB Mobile Plus. 

I won't go into what FCMB Mobile Plus is at the moment because we already covered that topic in the past. Should incase you missed it, you may read it here. 

Right on this post you are going to learn how you can pay for your DSTV and Gotv subscriptions with the FCMB Mobile Plus step by step. 
I suppose you have installed the App already.

Launch your FCMB Mobile Plus app and Login with your details 

Now follow the below carefully;

How To Pay DSTV and GOTV Subscriptions With FCMB Mobile Plus

1.Click on Payments 
2. Click on Bill Payments
3. Click on Cable TV
4. Select the Account you want to pay from 
5. Select Biller and choose the one you want to subscribe. Either Gotv, DSTV etc. 
6. Select the Product either Gotv lite, Plus etc.  
7. Enter Smart Card Number 
8. Enter the Amount 
9. Input the Amount
10. Enter your Mobile Phone Number
11. Finally enter your Transaction password 
12. Click Confirm and accept prompt. your DSTV or Gotv would be subscribed right away and you can start using it again.

This is all on How to Pay DSTV and Gotv subscriptions using the FCMB Mobile Plus. 

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30 May 2017

GTbank launches the GTworld App: Banking has never been this Easy

If you are a GTbank customer then I got good news for you, right now you can bank from the comfort of your home; make transfers, Pay bills such as DSTV, Gotv, etc. without having to go to the ATM to withdraw. Meaning, you can do all that from your Mobile Phone with the GTworld App.  

GTbank has only made it more simpler for customers to bank with ease with the release of its GTworld App that is designed to cater for all your needs.

Now I would be highlighting some cool things you can do with the GTworld App and as well teach you how to use the App.

Features of the GTworld App

Login and complete your transactions using your face, fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN.
• Check your account balance; transfer money within your accounts and buy airtime; all without having to sign in.
• Turn your contacts into a beneficiary list; send money to someone using just their mobile number.
• Apply for loans and set savings target right from your phone.
• Send your Account Statements to your email or to an embassy of your choice and lots of other features

What you can do with the GTworld App that seems Amazing

• Pay bills
• Transfer money to GTBank accounts and all other banks.
• Buy airtime and data for self and third party.
• Schedule and manage standing orders


• Find GTBank ATMs and branches near you
• Block your lost or stolen card
• Get a New Card
• Get the best deals on the SME Markethub

With all these wonderful features about the GTworld App; you may want to ask: How do I set it up and start enjoying its features right away.

How to Setup GTworld App 

The first step is to download it from googleplay and Install by searching or alternatively, download the APP from this link right away. 

When you install follow the below steps to set it up

Step 1:
Launch the GTworld App and you would be brought to the first screen; all you need do is swipe through until it brings you the screen where you would have to enter your Email or User ID and Password.

You need to click on the Signup button to signup with the GTworld App. If you are an existing customer, click on the Existing customer's button and enter your Account details e.g. Account Number, Phone Number and your Card details. When you get to OTP , (One Time Password) your OTP would be sent to your Registered Email Address. Check your email and enter the OTP sent to you.

Now Click Continue and follow the next instructions to get done. This is how to setup the GTworld App. Start transacting right away
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FCMB Internet Banking vs FCMB Online Banking: The Surprising Differences

You may be wondering about these two words; fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking: are they any differences? In the main looking at the english meaning you suppose both to be thesame meaning. Yes but unfortunately not in this aspect.

Though if you were to classify it (fcmb INTERNET banking and fcmb ONLINE banking) considering the highlighted word, you would ofcourse call both to mean thesame thing.

That is why on this post am going to clear your doubts as to what functions the both serve in FCMB Banking Platform.

But before I go into that what is exactly Fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking?

About Fcmb Internet Banking and fcmb online banking 

This two makes banking easier for fcmb customers by providing them with an easy way to bank. Which means as an fcmb customer with the help of fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking he/she could be able to transfer funds, pay bills, receive loans, etc. 

Now you know the main purpose of the fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking from the above. Now am going to give you the differences.

Differences between FCMB Internet Banking and FCMB Online Banking 

1. FCMB Online Banking is an APP, While FCMB Internet Banking is a Website

The first thing you need to know is that the FCMB Online Banking is actually an APP (operate on your mobile phone). It is now known as the FCMB Mobile Plus that lets you carryout transactions e.g. transfer funds, pay bills etc. You simply install the APP from google play store and you register. While the fcmb internet banking is operated from a web browser. i.e. you visit their website and register for it; you will always need a browser to access your internet banking.

Also see;
How to Register for FCMB Internet Banking easily and Start transacting Online: Pay Bills, Transfer Funds etc

2. FCMB Online Banking Transaction Limit vs FCMB Internet Banking Transaction Limit 

FCMB Internet Banking daily transaction limit is N500,000 for each transaction while the daily transfer limit is N1,000,000 but you can  ask your bank to increase the limit.

FCMB Online Banking (FCMB Mobile Plus) daily transaction limit at default is N5,000 but you can ask your bank to increase it.

3. Token vs No-token

FCMB internet banking requires a token code for transaction while the Fcmb online banking does not.

Similarities (FCMB Online Banking vs FCMB internet banking

1. Internet is required for both to work
2. You can login to your FCMB Online Banking (FCMB Mobile Plus) using your fcmb Internet Banking login details
3. You can carry out transactions e.g. transfer funds, pay bills, request loan etc.. with the both platform.

Now you know the difference between the FCMB Internet Banking and Online Banking (Known as the FCMB Mobile Plus).

 Do not forget to share with your friends 

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29 May 2017

How to Register for FCMB Internet Banking easily and Start transacting Online: Pay Bills, Transfer Funds etc

Are you a customer of FCMB and looking for a better way to bank without stress? you need the FCMB Internet Banking that helps you live a stress free banking life.

If you would like to register for the Internet Banking you are on the right post. Right Now am going to show you step by step the complete guide to register for it.

Registering for FCMB Internet Banking is not as hard as you may have thought. As we all know, whatever you don't know is like a god to you except you make an effort to know that thing, then you can know how easy it is to get it.

Right now on this post am going to share with you how you can register for your own FCMB Internet Banking and start making transactions.

What can you do with the FCMB Internet Banking? 

You can do almost everything a bank does when you operate fcmb internet banking and they include below

1.Transferring Funds from FCMB to FCMB or other banks
2. Pay Bills such as E-Bills, Airtime Recharge, DSTV/GOTv, Remita Payments, Wakanow Payments
3. Manage Requests such as Card Request, Cheque Book, Bank Draft, Mobile Banking, Block Verve Card and lots more.

With fcmb Internet Banking, you would not have to go to the ATM whenever you want to pay your REMITA (For Students), Recharge your GOTV (For home Stayers) etc.

So after seeing those things you can do with the fcmb internet Banking, its now time for me to share with you how you can register for yours.

How to Register for FCMB Internet Banking 

Just as I said in the title of this post, I added the word "easily" so there are not going to be any complex stuffs. Just follow the simple steps and you would get it done in just few minutes.

Step 1: Head in to FCMB Internet Banking registration page here and scroll down to where you see I disagree and I agree. Click I agree.

Step 2: In the next page that opens, you need to Enter your Account Details e.g your Account Number, Mobile Number, Email Address etc....

In the field for New Login Name, make sure you keep  it simple because that is what you would use in logging in to your FCMB Internet Banking. 

You need to register using your card details. This will enable you to view your Account Balance, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills, Purchase Airtime and more.So you need to click on the box having Select to select the debit card you have.

Registering without your card details will restrict the functions you can perform to only viewing your account balance.

Now when done, click on Submit now fill all necessary details in the next page.
You would be asked to Print it and take to your nearest bank branch for processing.

Print it and submit to your nearest branch and they would process it and within 24hours your FCMB Internet Banking would be activated.

All other necessary instructions would be given to you by your bank. e.g. the Login password.

This is how to register for FCMB Internet Banking.

Did you enjoy this post? Show some love by leaving your comments and share with your friends.

Happy Transactions.

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How to Logout of Gmail Account without using the Signout Button (Takes just 5 seconds)

Do you want to learn the other method of signing out of your gmail account? This method is the most stress-free method that logs you out automatically in one Click. 

Infact you dont need to click on any signout button using this method.

Normally, whenever you want to logout your gmail account you use the Signout Button which is known by 99.9% of gmail users. 

But here on the post, you are going to learn a more simpler method you can use.

I would call this method the "Address Logout Method".

But before I share this method with you, let me give you the advantages of The Address Signout Method over The Normal Signout Method

The Advantages of the Address Logout Method  

1. Using the Address Logout Method, you don't need to be in your Gmail Dashboard or Page before you can signout.

Meaning you can be on the homepage of your browser and logout your gmail automatically. 

2. Using the Address Logout Method, you don't need to Click on any Button to Signout. 

3. In that the Normal Signout takes much time approximately (5mins) i.e. Open your Browser ,Enter Gmail.com, Click on Signout, the Address Logout Method takes just approximately 5 seconds. 

You don't need to waste this much time ๐Ÿ˜‘, Time is Money remember? Those are the advantages

Now you say; Prosper am tired of waiting, just take me to the method. 

Yes I would do that, below is it;

How to Logout of Gmail without using the Signout Button

All you need;

1. Open your Browser where you are logged in e.g.  Firefox, Opera Mini, Chrome Browser 

2. Copy and Paste this in the Address bar 


Hit enter or Load it. See the Magic, gmail automatically logs you out.

Don't thank me enough... LOL

What do you think about the Address Logout Method? Let me know in your Comments.

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How to Open FCMB Account Online: Almost Anyone can do this

Banking has never been this simple with fcmb simplicity. FCMB allows opening of account online and that's what you are going to learn right away.

You may be asking why I write much about FCMB and to answer your question, I love FCMB. They have been my bank right from time and I'm enjoyed their services.

So I would be Sharing with you right now how you can open FCMB Account Online.
But before we start, let's get to know what you can do with this Account and what you need to Open it.

For Opening FCMB Account Online; you would need

Scanned Copy of your Passport Photograph

What you do here is snap Passport and Scan at any Cyber Cafe near you.

Scanned Copy of your Signature

Here you need to sign on a Plane Sheet and have the cyber cafe scan the Signature for you or you can do it yourself if you have knowledge about it and have your scanner at home too; but if you don't you should go to the nearest cafe in your Area

FEATURES of this Account 

  • Zero minimum operating balance
  • Attractive and highly competitive interest rate
  • Free access to secure mobile and internet banking
  • Debit card that can be used anywhere around the world
After all these minimum requirements and Wondeful features, you may want to ask me to go straight to the Point right away. Ofcourse am going to do that!

How to Open FCMB Account Online (Exact steps to follow)

1. Visit FCMB online account registration page here and click on get started 

 2. Now you would have to fill in your  details including your Date of Birth, Phone Number, Who the Account is for, etc.... Make sure you fill in the Correct Details.

3. When you reach the page where they would request for the Passport Photograph and Signature. Then click on choose and upload them and finally click Complete and you would be welcomed with a Congratulation Message that you've successfully Opened an FCMB Account. 

What you need to do now is relax while they send you your Account Number. 

When you receive your Account Number you can go on to depositing and saving to your new Bank Account. 

As time goes on, you can also request a Debit card for withdrawing your Money and making transactions online. 

This is how to Open FCMB Account Online. 
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28 May 2017

FCMB Introduces 329 Code: 4 Things you can Do with It

FCMB is making banking easier for its customers (reasoning from recent developments). with FCMB 329 Code, banking has become easier for its customers and non-customers as well. 

I have been using FCMB for a while now, and I use them for my online transactions. Also with the help of the FCMB Mobile Plus, carrying out transactions has not been this easier. 

According to FCMB;

*329# is a platform designed to deliver simple, secure and convenient banking to FCMB and non FCMB account holders.

You can now be able to do the following without having to access the Internet or going to any nearest branch using the FCMB 329 Code. 

1. Open an FCMB Wallet Account (New Customers)
2. Transfer Funds to FCMB and other Banks
3. Check Account Balance
4. Buy Airtime

Open an FCMB Wallet Account 
If you are not an FCMB Customer, you can open a Wallet Account right away using the FCMB 329 Code. In order to register it follow the procedures below. 
Dial *329# and respond with the number to Open a Wallet Account.You would be required to enter your details such as Surname First Name, Date of Birth etc... 

Make sure you fill in correctly. Follow the next on-screen prompts to complete your registration. 

Transfer Funds to FCMB and other Banks

You can transfer funds to FCMB and other banks without having to go to the ATM or Branch near you with the help of FCMB 329 code you are able to do this from the comfort of your home. 

Simply Dial *329#, respond with 3 to transfer funds then select which of the inext on-screen prompt option you want to use. i.e. You want to transfer from your wallet account to other wallet account, Transfer from Waller to FCMB or Transfer from FCMB to Wallet or FCMB to FCMB. 

It totally depends on you. respond with any of the number that suites you and you would be landed on the next on-screen prompt where you have to enter the beneficiary's details i.e. the Account Number etc... follow the next instructions and you should be done transferring funds in few minutes. 

Check Account Balance 

You can check your Account balance with the help of FCMB 329 code without having to goto the ATM. These would be done in just few minutes if you follow the steps. 

Dial *329# and respond with 1 to check your Account balance. Now select the account balance you want to check be it your Wallet Account balance or Bank Account balance. 

Now respond with the right number depending on your choice. You now need to enter your PIN and holla! there is your Account balance. 
Buy Airtime
This is the easiest to do on the FCMB 329 code because it requires no much effort on your side to carryout. All you need to buy airtime from your bank account is Dial *329*AMOUNT# and you have your sim credited with the specified amount and your bank account debited. 

This is about the FCMB 329 Code.Though the code is still new so we expect more upgrades as time goes on. 

What features would you like to be added to the FCMB 329 code? Let me know in your comments.

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Facing Issues with FCMB Online App? Download The New App that works Just Fine

FCMB Online App lets you transfer Money to other banks, Pay Bills, Recharge your Phone and other wonderful features with your FCMB Account.

But recently issues started affecting the FCMB Online App thereby not allowing users to login and other errors. FCMB saw this issues affecting the App and sent a message to all its users informing them of the bugs.  Below is the message sent to users incase you missed it.

"Dear Customers, we sincerely apologize for issues experienced on FCMB Online App. Please delete and reinstall the new FCMB Mobile Plus, as this has now been resolved"

 FCMB has now introduced the New App without bugs.

How to Download the new FCMB Mobile Plus

First, you need to Delete the old FCMB Online App. After deleting, proceed to the below steps.

1. Head in to Google Play Store
2. Search for FCMB Mobile Plus
3. Install and you are done.

Alternatively. you can download from here 

Happy Transactions.
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Advertise your Business when anyone calls your MTN Line

Are you a Business Man and wants to showcase your services the more? MTN has all it takes to advertise what you do.This service is called the MTN Caller Feel Service.

When activated, it allows you personalize a message displaying your services as a POP up when anyone calls you.Below is a Screenshot of how it works.

This way, you can advertise your services e.g. "Meet me for your Technology Issues", "I am a Graphic Designer", etc.

How to Activate MTN Caller Feel Service to advertise your Business

Step 1:
Go to your message box and create New Message. Text "REG" without quotes to  50016 . This costs N50/month and you are allowed to update your message 25 times for the month.

Step 2:
To create your callerfeel message simply, go to your message and create a New Message. Then send it to 50016. 

Make sure to keep it short.

See Examples below: 

"Hello there! Am the CEO, Slot Shopping Company, Meet us for your Gadgets"

If you own a website you want to promote too, you can use below;

"CEO, www.yourwebsite.com, Visit for your Tchnology Updates, Free Browsing, Etc. "

After you are done creating it, send it to 50016 (Note that you have only 25 updates for that month).

Enjoy yourself.

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Get your own Free US, UK and China Shipping Address and Start Shopping Online

If you are looking to get any of the above mentioned country's Shipping Address for free for your online purchases then you are on the right post.

If you are the type that loves shopping outside the Country, you would need this for shopping online at any US, UK or China store.

Here is how it works

  1. You get the address
  2. You shop
  3. You have your goods delivered to your Address here in Nigeria or anywhere in the World

How to get a Free US, UK or China Address 

You are going to be needing the service of a website called shoptomydoor

About Shoptomydoor


Founded 2009, Shoptomydoor offers you a stressfree life. In short,  Most online stores in the U.S, UK or China don’t ship internationally because it’s too complicated and costly. Shoptomydoor takes over that role, allowing you to take advantage of all the items and sales available only to people living in the U.S, UK or China. 

In order to get a free address from these countries follow the steps below;
Head in to Shoptomydoor.com and Signup for an account.Make sure you use your correct details e.g. Email, Phone Number etc.
When you finish signing up you would be taken to your dashboard and there you have your free US, UK or China Address you can use to shop online.

As seen in the below screenshot

 Now you need to do two things to get started;
  1. Verify your Phone Number
  2. Input your Delivery Address i.e. where you want your Goods delivered

 Now you can shop freely and shoptomydoor would deliver your goods to your registered Nigeria or any other Countries address (Infact to your doorstep).

You can checkout their shipping costs here

Have you been assigned your Own US, UK or China Address? Let me know in your Comments

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27 May 2017

[SOLVED] Other Banks not Appearing in GTbank 737 transfer USSD code

With the Lunch of the GTbank 737 USSD Transfer Service one could easily transfer funds from his or her GTbank to GTbank or other banks Without using the Internet.

But there is a problem; GTbank listed only 6 banks for its transfer:

  • First Bank 
  • Access Bank
  • Zenith
  • Diamond
  • UBA 
  • Ecobank

This means if you want to transfer money to other bank apart from the above listed ones you won't be provided with the option for it.

See comments from Readers Concerning this issue

Commenter 1;

"There are only 5 bank codes available and this does not include Ecobank, Skybank,FCMB etc. How do I get the code for Ecobank?

Commenter 2;

"pls can anyone help me with the transfer code to eco bank?"

And so on.

If you are looking for a way to solve this issue and transfer successfully to other banks not on the listed banks then you are on the right post.

How to transfer money from GTbank to other banks succesfully using GTbank 737 USSD transfer Service.

Follow these steps carefully and in few seconds you should be done.

Step 1:

Dial *737# as usual and select 5 to transfer to other banks

Step 2:

Enter the Amount you want to transfer

Step 3:

Now hold it! Yes.
Don't enter the Account Number. Instead enter the Surname of the Account you are transferring to and click ok

Step 4:

You would be prompted with the Full Name of the Account you are sending to, select the right beneficiary.

Step 5:

Finally enter your 737 pin, hit ok and you are done.

Yes, you just did it.

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Drop your comments if it worked for you.

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