6 December 2016

Easy Steps to Setting up a Custom Domain for your Blogspot Blog

If you are running a blog on blogspot, also known as Blogger Platform and you are planning or want to get a custom Domain for your Blogspot Blog then this Post is for you! Read till the end because on this post am going to be tutoring you on how to change your to a .com, .net, or to any extension that you want with my easy steps.

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Normally and at default when you create a Blog on blogger you would automatically be assigned a extension which means If you create a blog with the title yourname, you would be assigned, which is kinda long and looks unprofessional.

So if you would like to change this (Sub-Domain) to a TLD (Top Level Domain) a .com or .net, or etc, then follow the below easy steps.

Why Do You Need a Custom Domain?

So this question arises, why do you need a custom Domain when you can actually use the for free? This is because a sub-domain has no chance on Search Engine Results!

When you get a custom domain, it shows how serious you are in Blogging, when you continue using a domain it shows outwardly that you are not yet ready for blogging, and most of it all its certain that of 100% Readers, 90% would likely not read your Blog if they see you are running a blog with the extension.

So getting to the main purpose of the post, I'm going to be tutoring on How you can setup a Custom Domain on because I recommend them.

So follow the below steps carefully!

Getting a Domain from Domainking 

1. First you would have to register with Domainking and search for your desired domain name e.g.  Below is a screenshot of the prices of each domain extension on domainking.

It is highly recommend you search on google for your Competitors i.e. those that are using thesame domain name similar to the one you want to register. So, in this case it is required of you to get a unique name to use.  

2. After filling the necessary Information correctly and bought your desired domain name follow the below steps carefully because buying the domain name is not a problem but linking thesame to your blog. So the next steps below would be about "How to link that newly registered domain to your blog" i.e. Changing the now to

Linking the new Domain to your Blogspot Blog 

3. Just like I said above, the issue is not in buying the domain but linking it to your blogspot blog so that it becomes something like instead of, but you need not worry because Domainking has made this very easy and that's why I recommended them here.

4. Now that you've gotten the domain, you'd be taken to your Domainking dashboard, it looks like the one in the screenshot below:

Click on My Domains as seen in the above screenshot and you would be taken to where you would integrate your domain with your blogspot blog and click the small green arrow as seen below:

Now right under Management Tools, Click on

This will take you to where you are going to provide some details from your blog.
Follow the below steps.

Getting's settings from's Interface:

Step 1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Basics under the Settings tab.
In the Publishing section, click the "Add the third party URL for your blog" as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 2. Type the url of the domain you've purchased, keeping in mind that it must begin with www in order for this to work. You could mention or www is recommended if you want to keep the blog on main domain. as seen in the below screenshot

Step 3. You should see an error message, and two CNAMEs will be listed below.
The first CNAME is the same for everyone, Name being "www" and Destination ""

The second CNAME is unique to your blog and your Google Account, and is therefore different for each person. You need to enter this CNAME record on the box asking for second CNAME.

After you are done filling the boxes, click on the  Button

and from the next window you would receive the message as seen in the screenshot below that your settings have been saved.

So all you need do now is have patience while your domain is being integrated with your blogspot blog! In less than 48 hours your custom domain should be all set.

If you face any problems with any of the above steps, kindly use the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible

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3 December 2016

How to Transfer Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account

On PronoahTECH today, will be talking on how you can withdraw funds from your paypal account to your Payoneer Account.

I assume you should already know about Payoneer Mastercard, The benefits of using a Payoneer Mastercard, Ad networks that pays with payoneer mastercard, etc.. But incase you don't already have the knowledge of a Payoneer Mastercard, you are advised to kindly read about Payoneer Mastercard for receiving Payments Online.

I have heard of complaints from some fellows that they were not able to link their Payoneer Mastercard to their PayPal Account for withdrawing their paypal funds, meanwhile this was as a result of them doing it the wrong way!

If you have a Paypal Account that can send and Receive Funds, and have your Payoneer Mastercard for receiving payments online then you are in the right place because right now on PronoahTECH you are going to learn how to withdraw your Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account.
So back to the main purpose of this Post.

How to Transfer Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account

Follow the below Steps Carefully to achieve this

1. Login to your PayPal Account: Now this is where some make mistakes. You are not supposed to click on the Link a Card Instead Click on Add a Bank Account as seen in the screenshot below:

2. Now in the next dialogue, you would be provided with where you would Add your Payoneer Account Details as show in the below screenshot:

3. To get all this details, login to your Payoneer Account, and click on Receive >> Global Payment Service to get your Payoneer Account Details!

4. Now your Payoneer Account Details would be displayed i.e. If you want to receive payments to your Payoneer Account from any Company that accepts Payoneer, that's what you're going to give them. It is similar to the below screenshot.

5. So you now have Your Payonner Account Number, Routing, Account Type, and Bank Name which is what you're going to submit to Paypal in Step 2 above.

6.  So, now fill the Bank Details as stated in Step 2, and Save and you are Done adding your Payonner Account to your Paypal for Withdrawing funds.

Transferring Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Bank Account

Now if you have funds in your Paypal and want to Transfer it to your Payoneer Bank Account, follow the below short steps

8. From your PayPal dashboard, Click on Transfer Funds and in the space for where you are transferring the funds to, click on your Payoneer Account as seen in the screenshot below

9. Enter Amount you want to transfer and Click on Continue, Now at first, it will be set to pending, and takes maximum of 3-4 days to set your Transfer to Completed.
Completed here does not mean the money has arrived in your Payoneer Mastercard, It means Paypal have sent your money and it is on its way to your Payoneer Bank Account!

So it takes a maximum of just two days for the money to be credited to your Payoneer Account!
Summary, the money should be credited to your Payoneer Account in less than a week (6 days).

Below is a Transfer of $30 from my Paypal Account to my Payoneer Account, which brought up this post!

When It was credited to my Payoneer Account

That is all about How to Withdraw/Transfer Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account. 

If you find difficulties with any of the above steps, feel free to relay them in your comments, Your comments are always appreciated. 
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29 November 2016

Common Terms/Languages used in Blogging EXPLAINED!

If you are new to blogging or rather a newbie in blogging then this post would really be of help because am going to be explaining some common words used in the blogosphere which you as an upcoming blogger needs to be aware of.

Why you need to get familiar with these terms

As a blogger you have to be take note of some certain words/terms/languages which would be of help in the latter periods of your blogging journey e.g Domains, Hosting, nameservers, www, redirects, custom domains and lots more. On this post am going to be explaining most of these words if not all

Without wasting much of your time let me go to the main reason for this post

Common terms/languages used in blogging!

1.  Domain: A domain is your web address its something like this:, and its where your visitors type in their browser address bar before coming to your blog! Without a domain you do not have a blog.

2.     Sub-domain: A sub domain is just like a domain but the difference is that a subdomain lets you open your own blog while you have it as an extension. For example is a sub-domain which lets you open your own blog, It does not give you a .com automatically instead when you open your blog through it you get something like

Other examples of sub-domain are, , Now all these sites lets you open your own blog or website through them which means when you create a blog through them you have the extension domain lets you open a blogspot or blogger blog but also gives you the option to buy your own domain before you can change/upgrade it  from the subdomain to something like

So this is all about sub-domains

3. Custom Domain: At default, when you open a blog on blogger, you would be provided with a sub-domain as explained above, so when you change from that to, you have gotten a custom domain for your blog.

4. Extension: Extension is another term/language used in blogging and it is referred to as the destination of your domain  Examples of extensions are .com,, .net, .mobi, .tech, .xyz, .org and so many of them.

5. Author: An author can be referred to as  a writer of a blog post e.g. I am the author of this blog post titled "Common Terms/Languages used in Blogging EXPLAINED!

6. Article: An article is your writeup "your blog post" e.g. I'm currently writing an article" right now

7. Sharing: Sharing is a way of distributing your published blog posts, you don't just compose the article and leave it that way! you need to make sure it gets to your audience and more people on social media. Example of places you can share your articles or blog posts is on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus and lots more

8. Platform: Since we are talking about blogging; platform in blogging simply means where you would have your blog setup. example of platforms are: Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla etc.

9. Template/Theme: Template is used for Blogger/blogspot while theme is used for Wordpress, a template/theme mainly is the design of your blog. Its the features or design that makes your blog more attractive. Example of templates are NeedMag Template, Sevida Template, Awesome Inc Template, Dynamic Templates and wordpress themes are Genesis Theme, Flatbase theme, knowall theme and lots more. So your theme or template is the design and or look of your blog i.e. the way it looks when viewed by your visitors or readers.

10. Customize: This is a process in blogging where you add some necessary widgets or plugins, change the color of your template, background etc. to make your blog more attractive.
On blogger it is called widgets while on wordpress they are called plugins.

11. Blog Comments: Comments is a part of your blog where your readers after reading your posts leave their opinions

12. Advertising: In abbreviation Ads: Just as the name implies advertising is a way people showcase their products, websites and services on your blog.
Companies like Jiji can offer to advertise their products on your blog while you give them traffic and get paid (This works if you have tons of traffic on your blog).
Many advertising companies are looking for blogs with traffic to advertise their products either in form of banner or texts. So advertising is a way to show case people's products, services, websites etc.

13. Traffic: Traffic as the name implies (commonly referred to in vehicle) is not same with Blogging, in blogging traffic simply means the amount of visitors visiting your blog daily. E.g. If you have traffic you can make money. This is commonly used by some Advertising Networks which in turn means if you have much blog visitors or readers you can make money.
So Traffic simply means the amount of visitors your blog is receiving

14. Publishers: Publishers are bloggers that accept to advertise one product or the other on their blog while the the second party is called an Advertiser as explained in No. 12 above. This usually comes up when you want to  monetize your blog with Adnetworks like Propeller Ads, Chitika, Nairapp, and lots more. When registering, you are asked if you want to register as a publisher or as an advertiser.

15. Monetize:When you hear of the word "Monetize" it is simply referring to Making Money E.g. Monetizing your blog, it also means making money with your blog. There are several ways you can monetize your blog e.g. Sponsored Posts, Advertising, Google Adsense or similar programs etc.
Monetizing means making money

16. Sponsored Post: Take for instance a person feels your blog is ok and enough for advertising his or her services, the person can decide to contact you and then send you the post to publish on your blog while you get paid.

This is all for now, If you feel there are some other terms/languages used that I didnt mention here in this post, feel free to lay them in the comments!

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28 November 2016

Make Money with Icharity Club (FULL EXPLANATION)

About iCharity club And Full Description on How iCharity Works:

Icharity Club is a Helping Community platform but with a different and powerful format. 
This is the Best of its Kind and it is REAL. It is Not a HYIP, Not Investment company, and Not a Scam. This is where Members in community donate money to one another. JOIN NOW

How to Start 

To start it requires only first donation of N6,000 ($20) and in less than 2 days you will get N30,000. It is the fastest and best community platform I have ever come across to and donations are made direct to your local bank account.
You are not paying money into the system. When you Register FREE you will need to Upgrade from free member to Grade 1 by paying N6,000 to your upline.. (ie the person you register via his link) after it’s confirmed, the System will get you other downlines from Spillovers who will also register via your own link and they will also donate N6,000 each to you.

More About iCharity club

You only need 5 people under you to upgrade to the next level Grade 2. When you have successfully Registered, Login to your Member Area and Update your Bank Accounts Details.
Now one good thing here is that you may not be the one struggling to get the downlines, the system will be assigning people under you from the spillovers from other members, therefore in 4-7 days time you may have your complete 5 referrals who will be paying you N6,000 each making N30,000 and once you have your complete 5, you are now qualified to upgrade to Grade2.
Everybody in this community contributes by making donations and everybody earns from donations from others. Register Here
You donate to your sponsor/upline then receive N30,000 donations from 5 other members you directly referred or referred by the system. All extra referrals will be auto-place under your direct referrals until its completed.
It is called Spillover. Then you are expected to take out N12,000 from your N30,000 donation and pay to your assigned upline’s account. After your donation is approved, you will immediately be upgraded to Grade 2.

Immediately after you upgraded to Grade2,This is where the system will do the magic, at this level you will sit back and watch money flowing into your account. It is totally the systems Job now to bring 25 people who will pay you N12,000 each.

You are entitled to receive N300,000 donation. You donate N12,000 to your assigned sponsor/upline then receive N12,000 donations from 25 other members which sums up to 300,000. It continues to Grade3-10. Its very simple and fast. Click here To Register and Start earning

You Can use the Comment box for questions and I would get in touch with you As soon as possible 
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20 November 2016

Payoneer Mastercard for Receiving Payments Online in Nigeria

Ever heard of the card called Payoneer Mastercard? Do you know its wonderful uses?

On this post today am going to show you a way to apply and get your own payoneer Debit Mastercard now to receive online payments from Adnetworks like Google AdSense,

Starting a blog is as easy as ABC but I tell you, earning money from your blog is a very long journey which you need to travel. Many people  want to start blogging and start earning immediately, but the fact is that, it would never work that way.

Most of this ads network often pay with PayPal which many countries are restricted from being members and also PayToo which you cannot easily cash out.

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The good news is that Payoneer is available for every country without restriction and I believe you want to know what network that pays through PAYONEER PREPAID MASTER CARD.

To sign up and request your Payoneer MasterCard Click Here and get your MasterCard ready in your door step within the period of Some Weeks. 

How you Get your Payoneer Mastercard

  • Sign Up 
  • Order for a Debit MasterCard for free
  • Your receive your debit MasterCard, Powered by Payoneer sent to your address location for free while you pay the deliverer a token of Just N300 as transport fare. 

How can Payoneer Master Card be Used?

  • You can use it to Receive money online in any currency
  • You can use your MasterCard to Purchase goods and services at Online Store and Local Store
  • You can use it to withdraw cash at any local ATM Machine in your own currency.

Haven't ordered for your own MasterCard Yet? Order Now, Get $25 Welcome bonus when you reach minimum of $100 in transfer both Withdrawal, Purchase and even getting Paid.

Adnetworks that pay Via Payoneer Mastercard

I believe you were looking for this kind of post why because you have just receive or applied for your Payoneer MasterCard. And now that you have the card what are your potentials of earning and cashing out with your Payoneer MasterCard? Do you know the ads network you are suppose to sign up for that pays with Payoneer and allow you to cash out easily?

The truth is that earning money online is quite very hard, so cashing out shouldn't be that hard as well, below I am going to be analyzing top ads networks that pay with Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.


Payoneer is a program, a company, which is allowed to render or provides a MasterCard Powered by Payoneer to its customers and workers. What differentiate the below ads network is the payment methods. Below are Payoneer List of Payment Partners. Payoneer MasterCards Arrival Proof.

Ads Networks That Pay a Minimum of $10 To Payoneer Account.

Infolinks: Monetize your text with infolinks, they are paying twice a month when your earning is above $49. Monetize your content, your background, and even your referral traffic. Shorten links to share on the internet. Get paid $1 to $5 per thousand views. Get paid through PayPal at the minimum of $1 and $10 through Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard! Daily payment for 1-month old users and previously paid users; Monthly payment for general publishers.
You Get Paid through Payoneer when you reach a minimum of $15 (SIGN UP NOW)

ShareCashThis is a Pay Per Download File. You get $1 for eacg download, the minimum Payout through Payoneer Debit Card is $20. You can refer your friends to earn more.
Assurance from the network team: With Thousands of exclusive surveys paying up to $20 and covering over 200 countries, in addition to our self-optimizing algorithm that automatically chooses the best surveys for you, we'll monetize your downloads to the fullest extent possible.
ShareCash was the first PPD website, creating the original concept in late 2008.Since we opened we've sent thousands of payments on time, every time, and have provided top-notch customer service for our affiliates.

SeoClerks: Seoclerks is a micro jobs site paying via Payoneer. Make money online completing micro tasks and get paid through Payoneer, Paypal, Western Union, etc…
Get paid into your free debit MasterCard when your account balance reach $20. Earn 20% from your referred members and start completing tasks to get paid from $1 to $250 per task.
Fiver: Sell your micro freelance services through Fiverr. It is like SeoClerks. You list your services and get paid when someone hire you to complete such services. They pay through Payoneer at $20 minimum, PayPal at $1, Bank transfer at $50 and US bank transfer at $5.
Kontextua Ads: Kontextua is a display, in-link and ads-in-image advertising network. They are paying through Payoneer at $20 minimum.
Matomy SEO(Formerly TLA – Text Link Ads): It is a link marketplace where advertisers buy link place on a publisher website. You will get paid monthly if your account equals or is greater than $25. Get paid 10% recurring income during two years from publisher and $25 per advertisers who spend $25 in advertising.
Mediashakers: It is a CPC, CPM, CPA ad network. They are paying at $25 via Mediashakers debit card powered by Payoneer.
Adbooth : Adbooth is an ad network split into a cost per mille and a cost per action network. It is one of the internet money making program where you can cash out your earning via Payoneer debit MasterCard.
Elance: Elance for electronic Lancing is an outsourcing and freelance marketplace where you can make money online and get paid through Payoneer at $20 minimum payment threshold.
Your Passion cannot be cut off, if PayPal refuses to pay your country thereby helping to cash your online earnings, then there is a hope with payoneer. Don't wait for money to start coming first because it will never come except you start working for it. Sign up now... 
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19 November 2016

How to Create a Calendar on Corel Draw

Dear Visitor you are welcome to my tutorial labelled PC tips and today I will be tutoring you on how you can actually create calendars on Corel Draw in a short steps!

Corel Draw also known as a graphics design application allows you create/design Fliers, Envelopes, Identity Cards, Invitation Cards, Posters and lots other.

Normally when you want to create Calendars a good application you can use is Microsoft Excel but many find Microsoft Excel to be so complex when it comes to things like that. That is why on this post am going to teach you how you can create Calendars in just some Minutes without you having to use Microsoft Excel. So incase you work in a Business Centre (Cyber Cafe) you'd find this a stress reliever.  

In order to achieve this, follow the below simple Steps

1. Open Corel Draw and Click on New to open a new document where you are going to be creating a calendar as seen in the below screenshot

 2. From your Corel Draw dashboad, click on Tools >> Scroll down to select Visual Basic >> Play.
The above step is demonstrated in the image below for more clear understanding

3. After clicking on the Play you would see a dialogue box displayed just below it you should see a drop down, Click on it and Select Calendar Wizard and Run. The image below explains it  better

4. Now from the next dialogue you would be provided with how you want to configure your Calendar which should be done as follows:
  • Select the year of the Calendar e.g. 2017 
  • Now click on All to highlight all the 12 months 
  • Finally click on Generate and you should see your newly created Calendar on Corel Draw
See the screenshot below for more explanation on the above Step 4

Now that your new Calendar has been created you can't just leave it that way without adding some designs and colors etc to it.

So all you need do now is reduce the size to fit in to your page and add colors to it in order to look more appealing!

Now that you've learnt how to create a Calendar on Corel Draw why not share on your favorite social media networks to reach more people too? Kindly hit the share buttons

Did you find any steps difficult? Feel free to relay it in the comment box and I would reply you as soon as possible
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