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25 October 2016

How to use Font Awesome Icons on your Blogger Blog

If you check this blog Navigation Menus as seen above. i.e. the Home, About, Privacy Policy Pages etc... are used together with their respective Icons as similar to the Text.

The icons used to design this is called Font Awesome Icons, they are used to beautify and style some gadget texts on your blog e.g the “Pages Gadget” or Navigation Menu where you have some important pages.

If you check the navigation Menu of this blog then you should already understand what am talking about;

On this post you are going to learn how to use this icons on your blogger blog too.

Doesn't Font Awesome Icons increase Page Load time?  

Unlike blog images that increases the load time of a blog, Font Awesome does not affect the page load time at all.

How to Use Font Awesome Icons on a Blogger Blog

First of all you will need to enable Font Awesome Icons by adding it to your blogger Template

1. Go to Template >> Edit HTML and search for this code


Just below it copy and paste this code and click Save Template

<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>

Without adding this code, you won't be able to make use of Font Awesome Icons.

Let's say for example I want to add the Home Icon as seen in the above image my code would be this

<i class='fa fa-home'>

what if I want to add the About Icon? my code would be this

<i class='fa fa-user'> 

So all you need to do is just make sure you get the font awesome icon id, e.g fa-user, fa-home etc, you can get many Icons here :

That's all about making use of Font Awesome Icons

If you want to get the code I used in designing my navigation Menu use the code below, you can change the Icon to anyone of your choice.
    <center><li><a href=''><i class='fa fa-home'></i>Home</a></li>

    <li><a href=''><i class='fa fa-user'></i>About</a></li>

    <li><a href=''><i class='fa fa-envelope-o'></i>Contact </a></li>

    <li><a href=''><i class='fa fa-expeditedssl'></i>Privacy Policy </a></li>

    <li><a href=''><i class='fa fa-pencil-square-o'></i>Blogger Tips</a></li>

Change the highlighted color "red and orange to yours!

To make this code appear on your Navigation Menu (Like the one on this blog) follow the below Steps.
1: Go to Layout from your blogger dashboard

2. Just below your header you should see the Crosscol, then click on Add a Gadget as seen in the screenshot below   

 3. Select HTML/Javascript Gadget 

Finally Paste the code, do the necessary editings and click save and that's it!

Did you find any step difficult? feel free to let me know in your comments!

Your contributions are also welcomed!


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21 October 2016

How to Make Google AdSense Show your Keywords

Some time ago i shared an article; Top 10 High Paying Niche on Adsense and it really made an inpact on my fans.
Earning with Google Adsense has to do with You developing a Niche and using the right keywords.

After publishing a list of the Adsense Keywords with high CPC , i still got unappealing comments from fans. A facebook fan said he'd been using some high cpc keywords and his earnings were still low.

That brings us to this article.
Gozkybrain's image loading...
When you write an article for a keyword like Google Adsense, and you stuff in other keywords like make money online, affillate marketting; you are deviating. You're no longer writting an article with Keyword Google Adsense; hence the ads that'll show on your blog 'll also be different from what you want.

I once wrote an article with title; "WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO EARN WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE?" on my blog.
I used keywords like; make money with adsense, make money blogging, make money online, Google Adsense Alternatives, make money with your blog, cpc and cpm.

Those keywords were not cool at all, and ads that showed were not so related to that article and it didn't really favour me.

In order to make your ads show relevant or related posts; you have to use similar keywords. So make keyword researches, use Keyword planners and all that; find keywords that are related. For an article like " WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO EARN WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE? "; you should use keywords like » make money with adsense, adsense alternatives, etc. Use only keywords that are related to your article so that both your Search engine ranks and your Ads would be optimized.

Now another thing i found out over time is that, it is kinda tough to make banner ads display a related ads though it is possible. Banner ads look really cool huh, and they also have higher CPC rates than text links but it is quite easy to optimize text link ads to display related ads.

So what do we do? Use the Text link ads whose CPC are not so high, or use the banner ads whose CPC are quite high but are tougher to optimize?

My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.
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How to Open a GTBank Account via USSD Code on your Mobile Phone

Technology these days is really making things easier for the mass reasoning from "How you can Purchase airtime from your favorite bank account right from your mobile and lots more.

On this post am going to show you how you can create/open a GTBank Account via USSD Code from your mobile Phone, you might be wondering what is USSD codes? They are the codes you use daily in checking your Airtime balance, buy Data, Check Data Balance, etc.  e.g *123#, *232# and so on.

So am going to be teaching you how you can actually open a GTBank Account straight away from your Phone with this USSD code. So let's get to the purpose of the post;

How to Open a GTBank via USSD Code on your Mobile Phone

In order to do this you would need

  • A working SIM Card you have not used to open a GTBank Account before
  • You have to be fast i.e. When filling the form e.g Name, Surname etc. if not the time expires and you would have to start all over again!
Simply Dial *737# and from the menu you would be provided with different options to choose from just like this:

"Welcome to GTBank please select"
  1. Open Account
  2. Account Balance
  3. Purchase Airtime"
All you need do is select 1 and send, then you would be asked to provide your details, Input them Correctly until you're done!

Finally wait for sometime for your Account Number to arrive via a message.

When it arrives you've now gotten a GTBank Account, so you can visit any nearest branch to deposit money and Activate your new GTbank Account.

Hope this helped you!

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20 October 2016

Open Paypal to Send and Receive Payments here in Nigeria!

This has long been a restriction here in Nigeria - The issue of Nigerians not being able to use paypal to receive payments in Nigeria.

The few that could receive payments with their Paypal Account had to do some tricks and or change VPN. that is claiming to be who they are not in order to get their paypal account ready for receiving from adnetworks.

Most adnetworks payment methods use paypal but a Nigerian won't actually find it comfortable having to chose the paypal withdrawal method.Why?  because he won't be able to withdraw the money to his bank account!

Nigerians are only allowed to use their paypal account to buy products online i.e pay for goods, buy Domains or Hostings etc.

But today am going to help you open a paypal account that can send and receive payments here in Nigeria, though it won't be free at first, but trust me, I want to make things easier for you so its going to cost you just N1,500 *Just for you wonderful visitor reading this post now*. Below are what you are going to benefit

  • I will create and open the paypal Account for you to send and receive funds here in Nigeria
  • I will also teach you how to Create it for others and make some money for yourself - FREE (because you are reading this from my Blog) *winks*.
If you are interested you can signify by contacting me on:
Facebook ==> Prosper Noah
Email: ==>
Tel: ====> +2348088595958

You can as well signify by leaving your comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible,just as seen in the image above I will get it ready for you in 30mins after confirmation.

You no longer have to wait for some months for adnetworks to send your payments via Bank Wire, get your money transferred to your paypal and withdraw to your bank account as soon as possible.

If you don't wanna waste too much time in using the above payment methods by contacting me manually, you can pay using your debit card and the download link will be sent to your email automatically. Use the button below;

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12 October 2016

3 must-haves for Successful Blogging

In order to become successful in blogging the three things am going to highlight on this post is a must read for you! there are some certain things you would need, which would be highlighted below as you continue reading.

3 must-haves for Successful Blogging 

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Resources 


Creating or owning a blog is not an issue but having the time to manage that particular blog matters alot. There's been cases where people open blogs mostly on blogger (Free Hosting platform) and at the end of the day abandon it. Why? Simply because they could not have time for it! To become successful in blogging, you should have time for your blog! You can't possibly be doing multiple things at a time.

If you have time for your blog then definitely you're one step closer to becoming successful because blogging demands your time as you would be creating contents regularly to keep your readers updated. This way, your readers would know you spend time in satisfying their wants. Now you know time is one important aspect of blogging.


This is another important aspect of Blogging, as it is said "Money answereth all things" You will need money in order to succeed in blogging. you may be asking money for what? when Blogger is a free host? Can't i just create my blog for free and start making money from it? 

It's not as easy as you think; below are some areas you would have to spend money
1. If you are on blogger (Free Hosting) you will still need a Custom Domain for your blog. Now you ask why? One reason is to be seen as a serious blogger and the second reason is because many hate a domain. This applies to all Niches be it News/Entertainment Niche, Tech, Health niche, etc. 

2. Money to be spent on Ads: If your blog is new, you'll need money to advertise your blog on various Advertising Networks to get noticed. 

3. Money to be Spent on Themes/Templates: You will need money to buy Premium Templates for your blog, as blogger default templates are not appealing because of its lack of some important features such as read more option, Social Sharing Buttons, Recent Posts and some other features that beautifies a blog and makes it pleasant for readers/visitors. As a blogger you would need data connection to always stay online which also involves money. 

If you are the type that knows little or nothing about coding then its certain that you would need to  hire a web/blog designer to do some basic designs and Search Engine Optimization for your blog to rank high or stand out in search engines. This is just about the money aspect. You are gonna need money for other things as time goes on, this is not to discourage you as you would be smiling at the end of the day. 


Finally and last but not the least, I would be talking about Resources which are the gadgets you are going to be needing as you proceed with blogging. 

I have heard a couple of times from some fellow that they do not have some needed blogging gadgets such as Personal Computer (Laptops) for updating their blogs. If you really want to become successful in blogging, then you need a Laptop of your own which you are are going to be using in updating your blog i.e.  Editing Templates, Curating Posts, etc. A Camera (Gadget) is also a Must-have especially if you are a News/Entertainment Blogger and wants to stand out and so many other necessary resources to succeed in your blogging walk.

So these are just three things you will need for a Successful Blogging walk. 

Feel free to contribute!

Happy Blogging!


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11 October 2016

Blog Completely removed from google search results? Here is a Quick Fix

Lately if you are a regular visitor of PronoahTECH here, you will notice that I have'nt posted  for a while now due to maintenance which would be shared right now with you! 

On this post am going to share with you 

  1. Why my blog PronoahTECH was completely removed from google search results 
  2. What actually caused the removal
  3. How to avoid being removed from Google search Results
  4. What to do when you find out that your Blog has been removed from Google Search Results

How do you feel when you wakeup one day and noticed that your traffic had totally reduced from the normal way? That was what actually happened on PronoahTECH. I just woke up one morning only to notice that my blog's traffic went down totally, usually google used to be my top referring URLS, and it suddenly disappeared!

Well, in order to confirm this, I logged on to and typed in PronoahTECH and to my greatest surprise I saw that all my contents were deleted from google search results including the images.

So why was it actually removed?

I went on to  google webmaster tools and saw a message that my Site has been removed from their search results due to what they called Sneaky Mobile Redirects.

They said "Google has detected sneaky redirects for mobile users on your site. This means that mobile users visiting your site are redirected to another page or are shown different content than your desktop users. This creates an unexpected experience for Google Search users and violates our Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore Google has prevented the offending pages from showing in search results. This manual spam action has been applied to To reinstate these pages in search results, remove the spam and file a reconsideration request. After we determine that you have complied with our guidelines, we will remove this manual action.

Well, this sounded like a pain reliever though, because i've gotten to know the problem and how to fix it. Sneaky Mobile Redirects tends to redirect users on mobile to other sites and this is caused by Some Javascripts by Adnetworks like Chitika, Bidvertiser which are given to publishers to put on their sites to earn!  

So now you know what caused the mobile redirects and google's punishment, too many Javascripts (Adcodes) implemented on my blog PronoahTECH

How to Avoid being removed from Google Search Results 

In order to avoid this, I recommend you 
  1. Do away with too many Javascripts mostly (Adcodes) on your Blog as most of the scripts actually redirect your visitors to other sites unknowingly which is contrary to google webmasters rules and guidelines i.e. Do not use too many adnetworks on one blog
  2.  Listen to what your visitors are saying about your blog: One effective way to know what goes on in your blog is from the review of your visitors 
  3. Always visit your blog from a smart phone to know how it loads and how to improve it incase of any detected suspicious activities

What to do when you notice your Blog has been Removed from Google Search Results  

Sometimes you may not notice your site redirecting users to other contents, then google removes your blog from its search results, its required on your part to submit a Reconsideration Request. When such happens google would notify you via message on your Google Webmaster's Dashboard and how to fix. Below is how to Submit a Reconsideration Request.

Make sure you've checked your blog template or gadgets and removed all necessary codes you think redirects your users. In my case I made sure i removed all adcodes.

Then from the reconsideration request link submit a resonsideration request in this form

Good day! I really appreciate your efforts to make the web safe for all! Concerning this issue! I'd love to say I did not actually notice my blog was redirecting! I have made sure I disabled all ad codes on my blog Thanks alot for your kind feed back!

It takes Google 1 - 2 weeks for a reply

Finally After submitting the following reconsideration request this was the message they sent me after 6 days

This was how I got indexed on Google Search Results again!

Hope this post would help in preventing your blog from being removed from Google Search Results!

Feel free to leave your comments.


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