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3 June 2017

How I Fixed my Super Slow Windows 7 Ultimate and Increased speed by 91%

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Hello there; this is a Case Study of my experience with a Super Slow Windows 7 and the remedies I used to Fix it in just few minutes.

On this post am going to show you how I was able to fix my super slow windows 7 ultimate and increased the speed by 91%.

Well, it all started suddenly when I downgraded my baby from windows 10 to windows 7. I noticed some slight slowness in the system's performance. This was not normal, though I overlooked the first time until it got worst to the extent that it no longer allows me to do important things anymore.

I tried many ways which includes;

1. Repairing
2. Scanning etc..

None of them worked well, thanks to some resources online that I got infos from though I no longer remember most of the sites i visited for solution butt they helped me in one way or the other.

I did some minor things and got it working superb fast in just few minutes and ofcourse that's what you wanna hear right on this post.

The Case Study (Exact Steps I took to Fix my Slow Windows 7 Ultimate and Increased speed by 91%)

1. Disk Clearing

The first thing I did as usual was deleting all unnecessary Programs and as well deleted them from the recycle bin too.

I cleared Temp Folder

Incase you don't know what temp folder is, the temp folder contains files that are only needed temporally. Unfortunately, these files don't always get deleted after their job is done, resulting in wasted drive space.

How I did it? 

I cleared the Temp Folder by going to Start Menu >> Search for Run and type %temp% when it opened I deleted all the files though some files refused deleting which is normal. The  best way to do this is by using Ctrl + A to highlight all and delete. Ignore those that refused to delete and move on. 

 I cleared Local Disk Temp Folder too by going to start menu >> Run and type in c:\windows\temp and deleted all files in the folder. 

This Temp Folder files were actually taking up to 75mb of my Disk Space.

2. I disabled Programs on Startup  
There are some Programs which tend to run while the system is turning on; this in turn slows down the system unknowingly. One example is the Microsoft Paint. 

How I disabled it on Startup
- Go to Start Menu >> Run and type in msconfig 
- It would bring up a dialogue, just click on Startup and Uncheck the Program: Note that in my case it was only the Paint Program that happened to run on startup. Yours may be different. either ways uncheck it and click Ok.


3. Uninstalling Internet Explorer

I uninstalled the default Internet Explorer since I already have Firefox that does the same job and is even more flexible. Having the internet explorer was like an extra load force.

How I uninstalled Internet Explorer and how you can do thesame 

- Go to Start menu >> Control Panel 
- Click on Programs >> select Turn on Windows Features on or Off
 - Now you need to Uncheck Internet Explorer and accept the prompt
- Finally I clicked on Ok and Accepted the Prompt to Restart the system.

The system displayed something similar to "Updating Features" but that was not a problem as that is as a result of disabling Internet Explorer. I just waited for some few minutes and restarted the Computer. 

It did same "Updating Features" and this time came up live, sound and Fast like never before. Doing just above three things fixed my superfast slow windows 7 and Increased the Speed by 91%. 

Extra Tips to keep your windows 7 in good health. 
  • Always delete unnecessary files you download from the Internet 
  • Do not only delete, delete permanently from Recycle Bin
  • keep your Desktop Clean: Allow just at least 4 files i.e. the Recycle Bin, The Computer Short Cut etc.
 Incase you are facing this problem and get to use my Tips let me know if it works for you. Please Share with friends too.


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