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2 June 2017

3 ways to Buy airtime from your FCMB Account

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It's always recommended that you not know only  one way to do something when there are actually other ways to do it right? why?

This is because the one way you know might decide to let you down one day, thats why it's good to know more than one way to do things and right on this post, you are going to learn 3 ways to buy airtime from your fcmb account. 

There are three ways you can buy airtime from your fcmb account which am going to share with you incase one way decides to stop working; you won't be frustrated.

The 3 ways to buy airtime from your FCMB Account

The First Way 

The first method is the USSD Code method. Havent heard of it? hun? no worries.
If you have not used the USSD method before, its the easiest way to buy airtime from your fcmb account.

How to buy airtime from fcmb account using USSD Codes

Like I said earlier; this is one of the easiest way; *389*AMOUNT#
That is it; your account would be debited of the amount you purchased the card and your airtime balance credited.

Incase this does not work you and you get error messages then its certain the phone number you are trying to use is not the one you used in registering for that FCMB Account.

If it still fails even after confirming its the account you used in registering; follow the post on  how to activate the FCMB 329 Code, you won't have problems.   

The Second Way to buy Airtime from your FCMB Account 

This second way is the Mobile App.   This method deals with the FCMB Mobile Plus.
First step to take is to read this article on it  and download the App.
Install and open it. Now you need to click on register for FCMB Mobile Plus; but just login in right away if you already operate FCMB Internet Banking (you login with your internet banking details. If not, you need to register with your Accont Details. Scroll Down to where you see I agree and finish your registration then follow below to buy airtime from FCMB Mobile Plus.

How to buy or purchase airtime using FCMB Mobile Plus 

Now that you're logged in, you need to hit Payments located in the button; then click mobile top up.

Select your Account Details and enter the amount of airtime you want to purchase. you should check the box for "Recharge my Account" if you want to purchase the airtime for yourself. Otherwise enter the mobile number you want to recharge and  enter your transaction password and hit the continue button.

Finally you need to click confirm button and accept the prompt with yes.
Your mobile number number would be credited immediately.


The Third way to buy Airtime from your FCMB Account
This method requires that you have an FCMB Internet Banking. If you have not registered for the FCMB Internet Banking; Read how to Register for FCMB Internet Banking and start transacting online immediately.

If you have already registered for FCMB Internet Banking and wants to know how to buy airtime using it then keep reading otherwise; register for the FCMB Internet Banking here before proceeding.

Also See: FCMB Internet Banking vs FCMB Online Banking: The Surprising Differences

 How to buy Airtime using FCMB Internet Banking 

This is quite simple as well if you follow the steps highlighted in the steps below;
1. Login to your Internet Banking; look by the left sidebar and click on Bills Payment
2. Select Airtime Recharge

3. From the next page you need to enter your details
- Select your Account; the one you want to buy airtime from
- Select the network you want to recharge
- Click on the drop down to select the amount of airtime you want to buy. It ranges from 100,200,500,1000 but in case you want to transfer 300,400 etc.. Ignore the "Top up with ..." option and select "Airtel Top up" now you can put any amount you want to buy.

- Enter the phone Number you want to top up
- select your authentication type (the code you would receive before you can make transactions with your fcmb internet banking. Select SMS/Email token and click continue.

You need to put the token code they would send you followed by your password and click Pay for Airtime and that's it.

These are there three ways to buy airtime from your FCMB Account.

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