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5 June 2017

How to Earn free Airtime repeatedly on MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo [New]

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Hello there! Welcome once more. This is not so new but I believe there are some late comers in our midst here [LOL].

It would be nice to let you know that I no longer buy Airtime. Surprised? 

Yes! True; with the help of an App called Geopoll, all I do now Is answer few questions and earn free airtime and that's exactly what am going to share with you as a reader of this Blog.

Curious? Alright. Let me teach you how to get free airtime with Geopoll but before then why not know what Geopoll is all about? Let's get to it right?

Introducing Geopoll


Geopoll is an App that allows you earn airtime for free by just completing few tasks but wait; 

When I say TASKS I don't actually mean that you need to do some kinda difficult ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ work. The task involved is just answering few questions about yourself in form of survet (Not shared with third party though] and you are rewarded with Airtime instantly.

In few minutes I would teach you how to earn free airtime with Geopoll but look;

You not only earn when you answer questions (take surveys) but also when you invite your friends to earn free airtime with Geopoll too.. Very Kind right?  

There's more to this;

You can send the Airtime to your registered phone number when you earn up to N100 instantly.

Now you say; Prosper, take me to the Post. Alright here it is below;

How to Earn Free Airtime  with Geopoll

I would take you there; just few seconds 

What do you need to earn free airtime with geopoll?

1. An Android Phone to install Geopoll on
2. Geopoll App to Earn the Airtime
3. Data to download the App

How to earn free Airtime with Geopoll

Step 1. Download the Geopoll App from Playstore. Click this link to download 

Step 2. Install and Open

Step 3. Now input your Phone Number and Password to register. In the Field for referral code Input my Code ZGMJ1YX or leave Blank.

Remember that when you put my referral code i would earn some airtime too for referring you to get free airtime. So its a win win ๐Ÿ˜€.

Step 4. Now they would send you a confirmation code. Enter that code in the box for confirmation code and viola! 

You are on your way to earning free Airtime. 

How to Make the Airtime Fast 

1. Complete Surveys; When you login you would be welcomed with tasks (surveys) you can complete to earn. 

Each survey you complete you earn airtime amount attached to it.

2. Refer others : This is one of the fastest ways to earn airtime with geopoll

Now you see how to get free airtime with Geopoll? Why not share it with your friends?

You can as well drop your referral Code in the comment box to earn more money when any one registers with it. 

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  1. Nice post, I Have also generated alots with my lovely tricks using GeoPoll.

    Commenting from FreebrowsingWeb

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this kind information.Now I've some useful tips of saving money with easy methods.Thanks for sharing it.


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