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7 June 2017

How to Start Selling Recharge Cards as a Secondary School Student without Actually Buying it

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You may marvel at this heading "How to start selling recharge cards without actually buying it" How is that Possible you say?

Well, this is mainly for the students (Secondary Schools) in the home who are willing to start making themselves some quick money while they go to school.

Right on this post am going to be teaching you how you can go to school and still make some money for yourself through selling recharge card with the help of an App called Geopoll.

We have already talked about how you can be getting free airtime repeatedly from Geopoll App. If you have not started receiving yours already? Read the Post on How to Earn free airtime on all Nigerian Networks.

I went through the post again and again and decided to extract something from it that can be beneficial to the readers of this blog and that is what am going to share with you.

How to Sell Recharge Cards as a Student with Geopoll App

Geopoll App lets you earn free Airtime. Why don't you take Advantage of this free artime?
In a day with geopoll you earn more than N300 airtime. Do you use that airtime only for calls and Browsing?

You should take advantage of this free airtime App to make some physical cash for yourself. While you go to school or when at home you can sell that airtime and get some good amount of money.

For Example:

"You earn airtime up to N1000, while at home or in school you can offer to sell that airtime to a friend for N800" while you get your cash straight to your Pocket.

I have a friend that has made up to N3000 plus airtime and made some cool cash for himself just following the method in this post.

Now you may be asking "How do I sell the Airtime"?

There are no much ways here; all you need do is get the person's number and transfer th
 e airtime to him or her and collect your Money.

This way you can earn some cool money without having to collect from your Dad or Mom always.

So following this method; you can start selling your airtime without actually buying it.

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