How to Add friends on Epic Games: Fortnite Game Tutorial [Working 100%]

How to Add friends on Epic Games: Fortnite Game Tutorial [Working 100%]
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How to add friends on epic games is what one of our fans asked earlier.

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So on this post we are going to show you exactly how to add friends on epic games for Fortnite game.

Yes, we are making this tutorial exclusively for those who downloaded the fortnite mobile game.

If you haven’t downloaded yet, you can click here to learn how to download it.p

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Without wasting much of your time I will just go straight to the tutorial.

But I want to show you what the fortnite game is all about in a few minutes then I show you how to add friends.

About Fortnite Mobile Game

According to wikipedia,

Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, with the former publishing it.
Initial release date: 25 July 2017
Designer: Darren Sugg
Composer: Rom Di Prisco
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
Now that you know what fortnite game is all about you want to learn;

How to Add friends on Epic Games for Fortnite Game

I don’t want to waste more of your time.
We all love to enjoy our games with friends and family.
So playing it with others is the best thing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add friends on Epic games fortnite



how to add friends on epic games

We’ve provided you a free pdf to your facebook inbox where you can read this tutorial offline, so click here and click on the get started button to download.

If you hate pdfs, then read the text below.

In order to add friends, you need to click on the silhouette button; the one at the top right corner.

Follow below steps to do this;

  1. Make sure you load in to the game lobby area
  2. Click on that silhouette icon with + sign
  3. Put in the epic email address or the username of that your friend you want to invite and hit OK button
  4. When any result returns, you need to tap it and your friend should be added quickly


Almost Done; Keep Reading..

Now you  may want to invite that friend to play;

  • Open the friends list and click the name
  • Select “Invite to Party”

Finally your friend will join you immediately if they are not currently joined to another friend in a match.

That’s it.

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This is how to add friends on epic games for fortnite mobile game.

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