How to Download Sea of Thieves on PC: Step by Step Tutorial

How to Download Sea of Thieves on PC: Step by Step Tutorial
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How to download sea of thieves on pc is the trending question on bing and in the united states at the moment.

Yea, O’ ye gamers.

On this post, you are going to learn exactly the step by step tutorial to downloading this game for your pc easily and fast.

Yes, right here you will learn how to download it on your pc and enjoy yourself.

But just before then;

Especially if you are new to the game, You want to know;

  • What Sea of thieves game really is
  • Founder
  • Story or Background
  • Lots or More.


If you haven’t played this game, then you are missing.


About Sea of Thieves Game?


how to download sea of thieves on pc

If you are hearing about this game for the first time then you need to know what it’s all about and how you can play it easily and fast.

Sea of thieves game, is an awesome game released by Microsoft.

As reviewed by Forbes.com


Sea of Thieves is one of Microsoft’s most exciting exclusives in years, even if it’s also one of its strangest. Rare’s new pirate MMO releases on PC and Xbox One tomorrow, but the odd collaborative gameplay isn’t the only interesting thing about the way this game is hitting the market. Sea of Thieves is also the first of Microsoft’s new releases to debut on Game Pass along at release, and that means that you can play the thing for just $10 if you want.

How to Download Sea of Thieves on Pc


This is one of the easiest things to do right now on your pc.

Yes, it’s Super duper easy.

This how to download sea of thieves on pc tutorial will definitely help you quickly.

Just follow the steps carefully.

Step by Step to Download


1. Visit Microsoft Store; you should search for it in Pc task bar if it’d take you long to find.

2. Just at the top right search-bar, type in ‘Sea of Thieves’ – they should suggest for you immediately after you’re halfway while typing.

sea of thieves game


3. Quickly Click on that and you will be taken to the game official page.

You will need to download the game from scratch.

Click on the “…” symbol straight to the right of the game’s name.

Click “Redeem a Code” and enter the code you got for the digital pre-order when prompted, and it’ll start downloading! When it’s done you can find it in the Xbox App on PC, or just by searching for it in your Window search bar.

How to download sea of thieves on pc

That’s just it.

Or you can as well buy the game from amazon [Recommended]


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We hope this tutorial on how to download sea of thieves on pc helped you.

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