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I Forgot My Diamond Bank Account Number: 3 Ways to Check It

I Forgot My Diamond Bank Account Number: 3 Ways to Check It
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I forgot my diamond bank account number. Why Must you forget it in the first place? LOL…

Count yourself lucky for arriving at this Post because right  now you’re going to learn how to check diam ond bank account number easily and fast.

I forgot my diamond bank account number

And wait:

    • You don’t even need to go to the Bank and Queue there
    • you are going to learn how to do it from home
    • Without Internet and finally
    • Using your Phone.

Don’t mind my first statement. Any one can forget their account number, no matter how un-forgetful you are.

Due to one thing or the other, it may just happen to skip your mind.

I got you covered, because right now you are going to learn how to check your account number [Diamond] and even check 3 other Bank Account Numbers.

It’s very easy. At the end of this article you will thank me but I don’t even need the thank you, All i need is for you to be able to solve your problem.

Just share the Post, that’s the best way to appreciate me for putting up these post on the Internet.

But before I show you this solution I want to tell you a little story about how John lost almost N50,000 because he forgot his Account Number.

If you don’t want to read the story, scroll down to learn how to check your d iamond bank account number right away.

Read The Story!

I will call this an imagination instead. Imagine you are to receive money from a long time friend you met on your way coming back from work. According to him, he just returned from abroad and would be going back in next 24 hours.

He asks for your account number and damn! You don’t have it with you. There’s no way to check it around and you are kinda stucked.

You just lost N50k. Unless you actually know how to check your bank account immediately.

There are lots of other instances. You really don’t need to miss such opportunity.

Without wasting much of your time, You are going to learn how to do this in the easiest way possible on this Post.

So if you are a diamond account hold you may be asking below question:

I Forgot My Diamond Bank Account Number How do I check it?

I want to show you the easiest way possible.

Like I said above:

Just like you check your airtime balance, you have a USSD code meant for viewing your account
number too.

How to Check Diamond Bank Account Number 3 Easiest Ways Possible

Method 1: Using Your Phone

This is the easiest way possible because you don’t even need internet.

Bear in mind that the phone number you want to use is the one used in registering the diamondbank account.

Now dial *937*Amount# and you will see your account details immediately.

Copy the Number Out in a booklet and cancel the transaction. Don’t make any transaction. Just Copy your Account Number out and Exit.

Method 2: Using FaceBook and Twitter.

I know you, Yes. You are on facebook or twitter, just search for diamondbank and contact them either on their facebook page or twitter handle.

Tell them you forgot your account number. They will just ask for your name and phone number used in Registering the Account.

Gbam!!! They will tell you the account number straight away.
The Last Method below, hehe. You need to Queue ooo.

3rd Method: Go to Nearest Branch.

This one is cool too but like i said above. you need to go to the nearest branch and meet the customer representative there.

Ofcourse you are going to stay in the queue. That’s why I recommend you used the Method one or Two.

Now you are happy.

Don’t forget to share this post you hear? Just click the social icons to share it with friends on facebook twitter etc.

So the big question I forgot my diamond bank account number, how do I check it? has been answered today on this Post.

Or is it how to check diamond bank account number that brought you here?

They are all the same.

The goodnews is you already have the solution.

Enjoy Yourself and have a great week.

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