Mw2 Remastered No Multiplayer Reddit Discussion: Angry Gamers React

Mw2 Remastered No Multiplayer Reddit Discussion: Angry Gamers React
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Mw2 remastered no multiplayer reddit discussion would be shared with you right here on the post.

We want to officially give you what other gamers are saying about the mw2 remastered.

So sit and watch the comments as they roll in here on this blog.

About the Modern Warfare Remastered Game

Mw2 remastered no multiplayer reddit

The awesome imminent game called Modern Warfare remastered is a game that would be released soon in the market.

According to reports, it’s getting released around soonest, but we can’t assure you the fixed date.

But will keep you updated.

But there’s a problem;

It’s being rumored that this won’t be coming with a multiplayer.

Damn! What the….he ..ck

Here are reactions from users on reddit.

Mw2 remastered no multiplayer reddit Discussion


We will give you a few reactions from the angry gamers on reddit and then link you to the source.

Here is one from Bringer;

I don’t think a mw2 remaster without multiplayer would make alot of money. Sure the campaign was good, but the nostalgia of the multiplayer is what would bring people to buying it, people really miss noob tubing across Rust, alot of memories were made in mw2, like mw2 was the Fortnite (for me) back in the day, it was the shit.(bringers)

Here is another from Admiral_Rabbit

Yeah, they already get minimum 2 cod games fighting over the same audience, depending on when people upgrade and which studios they prefer.

Fracturing some of those with MW2 MP could lead to bigger player drop off overall, queue quality matters.

Idk if it’s the reason but it could be a factor. Similarly maybe the remaster can be done cheaply, but if the mp is buggy they don’t want to pull another game’s balance team long term. (Admira_Rabit)

If you are looking for a link to the full discussion then you can easily click here to go on reddit.

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We hope this Mw2 remastered no multiplayer reddit discussion post helps you.

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