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The Best NNU.ng Alternative in 2018

The Best NNU.ng Alternative in 2018
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What could be the best NNU alternative have been much trending after NNU proved their suspicions going on in the mind of many entrepreneurs, wrong by running the platform in its stipulated procedures.

You are here either because you have started earning on NNU and is looking for an alternative to supplement it..or you want to know if another platform like them truly exist.

Well, in this post we will be talking about a very legit and the best NNU affiliate alternative in 2018 you can use to supplement your NNU incomes in case you are looking forward to.

Just in case you haven’t joined the nnu program, here is how to register on nnu and that’s by the way.

Like you already know NNU is not a Ponzi scheme, so is the one I’m about revealing to you.

Basically, It can be said to operate with the same modus Operadi as that of NNU but with its own unique features and advantage.

So what is this BEST NNU alternative in 2018?

WAKANDA Income Program

wakanda income programm

This is getting interesting, isn’t it? Like I said earlier. Wakanda is imitating the like of NNU (don’t tell them I said so oo)… Hehe!, But that’s the truth. Their mode of Opernadus is almost the same except for some slight change and twist.

Remember this saying, “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, take what works and attach your own unique voice to it”…That’s exactly what Wakanda did.

So let’s look at how Wakanda work.

Before we talk about that…Wakanda is a real legit program just like NNU. They don’t waste your megabyte. The pay you for it.

So this is how it works properly.

Wakanda is a News site that pays you for coming to their site and read their news and even share on your facebook wall so your friends can read to.

This news ranges from politics, celebrity gossips, sport, etc.

So how do you join this NNU alternative?

Unlike NNU that requires a capital of N1,600 to become a member, Wakanda only requires a lifetime payment of N1,300 only.

So all you need to do is…

Go to their site by clicking here…

Fill your details and make your payment, the same way you do that of your NNU.

After that, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Nothing more, you are now a member and you can start promoting immediately. Wait, let me blow your mind. You earn N50 immediately you log in to your dashboard even after payment (that’s how good this is).

So according to Wakanda…

They have two major ways you can earn on the platform.

By becoming a member: This alone allows you to earn through;

  • Posting their sponsored article on your facebook wall.
  • Commenting
  • And login into your dashboard daily.

By using their affiliate program: This affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn huge.

You may be tempted to ask “how?”

Now listen up.

By using their affiliate program, it simply means you are entitled to refer other to the platform and earn N1000 out of N1300 your referral paid. A whopping N1000 just by referring people through your link.

Fortunately, for being a member of Wakanda.You will not have to wait for a month before you are paid.

The pay directly into your account every Saturday or Sunday. Unlike NNU that pays once every month.

Now that you know another NNU alternative. You can add it to your source or income. Have questions? Drop them on the comment sections.

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