Rules of Survival Unblocked – Download for Android, Mac and Windows

Rules of Survival Unblocked – Download for Android, Mac and Windows
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Rules of Survival Unblocked is now regarded as one of the best multiplayer shooting game here in United States.

So many people are looking for how to download this awesome game and am glad you came to the right post.

Because we are going to show you exactly the best way to download rules of survival unblocked game.

Easily and Fast.

Just before i give you the step by step tutorial to download this game i would just use a few minutes to let you know

  • what this game is all about
  • Type of Game (Multiplayer, action, arcade) etc
  • Founder
  • Etc…


About The Rules of Survival Game


rules of survival unblocked

If you are hearing about this game for the first time then you need to know what it’s all about and how you can play it easily and fast.

Rules of survival game also known as the ROS, is a multiplayer survival game: actually a shooting game where you will be one out of 120 players that were sadly airdropped in a desert.

You will be warring against some great enemies.

OMG, what I love about this Game?

You can play this game yourself or get some team to play with you and yes, you can get as many weapons as possible to your success.

The Story or Background


Maybe you missed the rules of survival game release date introduced earlier.

Here is a little story or background how the game came to existence.

This game was build by NetEase and launced in November Last Year which is 2017.

Rules of Survival Unblocked Tutorial 2018


This game is actually an online game which you can play online.

This game needs some directions for you to follow if you are still a beginner.

Below is the tutorial on how to play it.

We have provided a free pdf on how to download and play step by step, so click here and click the get started button to get download link from our facebook page immediately.

If you hate pdfs, then continue reading below

Directions/How to Play Rules of Survival Game Online

Quickly or Download


Directions to Play


  • Move to the Forward  = W
  • Move to the Left        = A
  • Move Right      = D
  • Move Back ward      = S
  • The Punch and Shoot = Left Mouse Click
  • Swap Weapons  ->  1 & 2
  • Stow Weapons (Punch Mode) -> 3 or E
  • Reload yourself             ->    R
  • Scope Zoom     = Scroll Wheel or Click on Zoom
  • Pickup/Loot      =   F
  • Use Medical Item =  Left-Click on Item
  • Drop Item       = Right-Click on Item
  • Cancel Action   = X
  • View Map          =   M or G
  • Toggle Minimap =  V


Rules of survival download Link.


If you don’t want to download but play online only, then click here to play rules of survival game online.

You actually need the links to start playing right away, so you can make use of the below links to start playing easily.

Android Apk

Click here to download rules of survival game for android

MAC Users

Click here to download ROS for Mac

Windows Users

Click here to download for Windows

If you have questions, don’t forget to drop in comment section.

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We hope this rules of survival unblocked game tutorial helped you.

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