Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes PC: Best PC Game in 2018

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes PC: Best PC Game in 2018
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star wars galaxy of heroes pc is one of the best pc game there is now currently.

In case you are not familiar with this name, it’s the same game also known as nox swgoh.

Get it now?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes pc

Many people are searching google for star wars galaxy of heroes download links that work.

If you’re among those searchers then.

Not to Worry; Count yourself lucky;

You’ve come to the right place because we will share with you for free how to download this wonderful game and enjoy yourself.

But before then;

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes PC Download Tutorial


What about the SWGOH?


This game can be very addictive and it’s considered as one of the best of it’s kind of PC games.

Great for Jedi Folks [LOL]

Merely seeing my headline for the first time some of you are like “this dude must be damn crazy” downloading star wars galaxy of heroes pc when you know clearly it’s a mobile game.

At the same time you need to re-think because we are in the age of hack where even amazing things do happen.

Even before writing this article about downloading and playing Star wars Galaxy of Heroes on your computer right here there have been many listed ways and hacks to do it already. some suggests the use of bluestacks while others do theirs in one wrong manners or the other. Before i continue you can read wikipedia meaning of Star wars galaxy heroes here if you are a newbie of this article.

Have you been looking for a way to play Star wars Galaxy Heroes on your PC without having issues? or getting banned from your account? then this detailed guide will definitely be of solution to your search.

Why would people want to play Star wars Galaxy mobile game on PC?


We all know star wars galaxy is SWGoH is a new mobile app by Electronic Arts. but the truth is that there are many reasons behind the love in playing this game on PC, among which we have some on our list below.

  • many don’t have new smartphones with high-resolution displays or own a tablet
  • star wars galaxy of heroes is not good on small screens!
  • You do not have an Android or iOS device, like Windows Phone, Blackberry…
  • Manage multiple accounts easily
  • Some want to use it at work in the office, where they don’t have WiFi/Internet connection on their mobile devices or not allowed to use their mobile devices during
    working hours
  • Play without getting interrupted by messages & phone calls
  • Stable recording (Youtubers)

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Wikipedia
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile collectible RPG developed by Capital Games and published by Electronic Arts.[1][2] The game received a soft launch in Australia during October 2015, and was formally released on November 24, 2015.[3][4][5]

But even with the many reasons to play star wars galaxy mobile game on PC there is always experience of Crashes and difficult Setup in the process which serves as the disadvantages of playing this game on PC.

Before we go fully to the guidelines for playing Star wars galaxy heroes on our PC let’s see some of the features of this game.

  • You can take control of the battle (player)
  • You can create teams for war
  • Plot the best strategies
  • Travel afar to the most iconic locations
  • Defeat the baddies
  • Become a legend


Step by step guide “how To play or download star wars galaxy Heroes PC or Mac”


Download Andyroid here for mac or windows.

Note: Please wait until the installer finished successfully. Then start Andyroid from your PC or Mac.

Login Your account or start a new account: First of all, you will set your language settings and then it will ask you if you want to use your Google Play Account or create a new one:

If you want to use your exciting star wars
galaxy of heroes Account, you will need to log in with your existing Google Play

If you want to start a new star wars
galaxy of heroes Account (or secondary
account), you will need to create a new

Now you’re set up and ready to install star wars galaxy of heroes.

The next step is to install star wars Galaxy: Open your Google play store from your PC or Mac as usual, Search for star war galaxy of heroes if it wasn’t automatically displayed because in most cases this keywords displayed but if you can’t find them you can use your search box to find them

Choose “install” and wait until Andyroid has been installing star wars galaxy of heroes .

Now game is ready for play but before you quickly exit this page for the experiment do the settings below to avoid encountering any difficulty on the long run and for more convenience play.

Actually, you are able to play now, but here’s how you should set up your Andyroid install to get the best experience – I highly recommend
you to do this!

Adapt Hardware Resources


Andyroid will not need more than 1024 MB of memory and 2 CPUs (if you’re using a desktop PC, you can also choose 1 CPU as they are stronger than notebook CPUs). You can set it up in the “Virtual Box” settings – Andyroid will set this at the start automatically, but it doesn’t
hurt to double check it.

Setup Keyboard Support


Playing with keyboard hotkeys will make your life a lot easier because it will allow you to do things without clicking around all the time. This should also be set and you can see it when you start star wars galaxy of heroes in Android.

You’re now set to play the game, so have fun

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With the above easy steps you can now play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes pc and on Mac. Hope this tips helped you? your comments and social shares are highly appreciated

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