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Friday, November 1, 2019

Be That Change and Desire You Seek

If you have fallen or lost direction physically or spiritually: pick yourself up. You don’t need money or friends or a rich background, you need yourself. Keep on running.
Acquire the race attitude. Nothing became great from nowhere, there will be moments of falling down, but pick yourself up. I did not have a sponsor. A few year later, I had caused such a difference in so many people.

The people still remember me in their story because I made a choice not to be influenced but to influence. Don’t be changed by anything. Gold is tested in the fire. When gold comes out of the fire, it is unbreakable because it has been through the fire. Surround yourself with the right people who will hold your hand!

What will you achieve in 5 years time—it is for a man to be young once. Life is not just about school only. School yourself more than you school at school in order to become whom you need to become.

If you are struggling with lust, fast. It is the biggest key to destroy lust. If you are failing to pray like you used to, fast. Check your relationship with the Holy Spirit.
I have trained my mind to never be led to do things subconsciously. You do not live in the world that other people are living in, the life we live is different.

You must be proud that you the sons of God. He is in you! You are not trying to be like God, you are! A little sickness can just come to you, it must go through Jesus first

You are of worth. I lookd forward to seeing you making a difference in you. Let your ideas and your life be changed. The energy must be in right things not wrong things. Change!
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Thursday, October 31, 2019

This Your Month of Big and Positive Results

As I was in prayer, the Lord told me that this will be a “Month of Prayer”. He went further to explain to me that whatsoever His church desires to receive in this month shall only be birthed and received through prayer.

I need you to understand that prayer is not defined by you getting down on your knees and uttering all the verses from Genesis to Revelation. No, it is more than that.

The word, “prayer” itself is derived from the Greek word, “proseuche” which means to take out all that is within you. It is to give yourself up in total surrender while ignoring your own will and desires. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is supplication. God wants His church, in this month, to rise like a mighty army in prayer.

The Bible tells us that Elijah was a man just like you and me, and when he prayed earnestly, God reacted according to his request, and it did not rain for three and a half years in the land in which they were situated (James 5:17).

Take note that the Bible did not say that Elijah prayed this prayer in his prophetic office, but it refers to the fact that as a man like you and me, he could make a prayer that yielded such dumbfounding results.

You need to understand that there is so much power embedded in prayer. You do not need to be an Apostle to pray, neither do you need to be a Pastor, being a believer is enough for you to make a plea to the Lord and see him acting on your behalf.

This month your prayers shall shake some things and bring you results!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

It is an Honour to be You, Make The Most out of It

What an honor it is that we have been chosen by God, creator of the universe, to get to know, believe and understand Him. When you are chosen that means you are special! God doesn’t choose just anybody He chose you and I to experience the abundant life in Christ. Some of you haven’t been chosen for anything in life perhaps you have been passed over for positions at work or sports or to do things the world offers, but God has chosen you to impact His Kingdom and to live forever with Him. When you were chosen God began writing pathways out of your wilderness and sending rivers of water through your deserts so that you would be refreshed.

Now God wants you to get to know Him! When you get to know your Creator you will begin to understand that He is a big God and that nothing is impossible for Him. You will understand that when we are broken that we go to Him for repair. If you had a broken watch you would take it to a watch repair shop not the cleaners or a car repair shop.

When you get to know God you will understand there is a plan for your life and that you are not just random. You will come to understand that He numbered the hairs on your head and that you are extremely loved. When you begin to believe in God you begin to believe that all things are possible, that He is causing everything to work for the good for you bringing you closer to Him. Understanding God’s love and plans for you, peace and joy begin to dominate your life instead of worry and fear.

Understanding God allows more favor and blessings in your life instead of curses and spiritual hopelessness. When you understand that He alone is God and that He doesn’t wants us to worship other god’s like addiction, lack, unforgiveness, worry, hopelessness, hurts, habits or hang-ups which take us away from Him and His plan. Today and this year God wants you to get to know, believe and understand Him so you can live the abundant life in Christ! Start today!

Today’s Prayer
Heavenly Father, thank you for choosing us for eternal life with You. Today Lord Jesus show me how to get to know You and Your Father in Heaven. Show me how to begin to understand Your love for me and the plans You have for me. Lord Jesus show me how to trust You with everything in my life and how to live in victory in You! Lord I give you all the praise and honor for past victories but I am excited about what you are about to do as I get to know You today. In Your Sons Name Jesus. Amen
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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Go Out This Week and Be Prosperous

May the Lord be with you as you go about your daily endeavors today. I am praying for you all. To all those who are traveling, whether by foot, road, sea or air, may the Lord protect you against any accidents in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

To all those that are going for job interviews in this day, I declare as the Lord’s Prophet that it is done!

To all those that are applying for projects or tenders- God’s favor is upon you in Jesus matchless name!

To those that are sick and are in pain, today God has dispatched His angels to minister healing to your bodies- be healed in the glorious name of Jesus Christ!

All those that are feeling heavily burdened, the Spirit of the living God is exchanging that garment of heaviness for a garment of praise today!

And to those that feel as though they have backslid-den in their spiritual lives, may the God I serve day and night, bring you back to the heart of worship. May a fire be ignited in your spirit that will cause you to pray like never before.

Every crooked path is being made straight today, hallelujah! Chat me here on messenger let me pray for you!
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Monday, September 30, 2019

Double Portion of Your Salary is Your Portion This Month

A man testifies and urges the saints never to take the prophets instructions for granted.

He vividly recalls that during a certain Sunday service, Major 1 narrated that some people’s lives are not progressing because they are harboring un-forgiveness in their hearts. Thereafter, the Prophet told the saints to make sure they apologize to all those that they did wrong. Convicted by the word, the man tells that he immediately apologized to his wife for hindering her career.

The man tells that he was not comfortable with her working in a different city than where they were staying. He did not want her to work in Pretoria but in Witbank where they were residing. He did not want them to be living apart, and so he had instructed her to resign from her work. For four months she sat at home unproductive and doing nothing. This resulted in there being no peace at home. The wife was unhappy and did not forgive her husband for this.

When the major prophet then gave the instruction of forgiveness, he told his wife that he was willing to help her look for a job in the same town where she had been previously working.

They searched for the job together and today, the man, on behalf of his wife, tells that she now has a new job that is offering her twice the mount of salary that she had been receiving previously.

What a mighty God we serve!
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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Your Heart is Your Secret Room Where Ideas Are Born

Prophetess Mary Bushiri is a prized intercessor. It is wise to rise in prayer in a prophetic ministry. 

The anointing must be respected and this morning our mother in the Lord speaks with power and authority believing in the season that has been declare over our lives here at ECG. 

The power of the spoken word leaves us all praying in the understanding, praying in the Spirit and praying from a place of revelation as we join our spirits with heaven and believe God for financial revival.

The bible says the people of Jacob will possess the Land that is theirs by right.Today in this house the sons and Daughters of Major 1 will possess possession.

It is time to point out the the assets the God of Major 1 has blessed you with, the ,apartment, complex,shopping mall.

What makes sinners to envy you is not your speaking in tongues but what your Lord has blessed with.May the Lord give you assets to point,that the entire village will want your God
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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Baby Conception and Fruit of the Womb is Yours

Betty Mahlangu came with her daughter and her husband. They were attending a certain church and the husband was a Pastor.

They have been trying for a baby a very long time since 2006. Her biological brother introduced her to ECG in 2015 but she couldn't come because she was still going to their church. The lady in question could lie to her husband that she was sick as a way of avoiding going to church.

For 3 months she was not going to church, then one day she decided to come to ECG. She saw some miracles,signs and wonders in ECG but on the other hand the husband was worried about the time spend at church then he decided to join the wife one Sunday.

In July of 2018 the husband came for International Visitors Program and it was a month of breakthrough. He bought Lion of Judah and Anointing water and oil to use.

She conceived in November but she didn't know,but they decided to go and see a doctor in December and it was confirmed that she was a month pregnant.

They had struggled for 13 years to have another baby but to no avail. June of 2019 she wanted to come for International Visitors Program but they had a problem with the bank, but in July of 2019 she managed to come for the program and in August she gave birth to a baby girl. The age difference between their children is 15 years.

The husband came forward and told the congregation that he was very stubborn and had too much pride to the point that he didn't believe in other churches especially ECG,but after what the Lord has done for him he is now a changed man. A real Iron Man.

He said the moment that he stepped in this place,he felt like something has been removed from him and he started feeling like a new person.

He honoured the God of Major 1 and told the congregation we should swallow our pride because the anointing in this place is too much it doesn't want to be missed.
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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nobody Said That You Can't Move From Employee To Employer

A man originally from Zimbabwe comes forward to glorify the God of Major 1 for being a great God and father to him. In September 2018, he was chased from the company he was working for but it never settled in well with him.

In November 2018, he came to the International visitors program and after that , the same company called him to return to work but he refused.

Again in January the same company called him to come to work but he told them he had something to do because he was finalising his company registrations and that needed his full attention as he did not have SA documents.

The same company offered him a job on contract with a condition that they will renew it monthly. While working for the company, instead of them renewing the contract they decided that he becomes a subcontractor provided he hires his own employees.They also added that he can use their work equipments to complete his job .

God of Major 1 has done it for him. He says he receives plus or minus R50 000 that he could not even earn in a year. This could only be the hand of God, the God of Major 1.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Seek The Eternal Kingdom Where Wealth Peace And Joy Reigns

There is so much wealth in the kingdom, there is so much favor, joy, peace in the kingdom and the time to possess it is now. You are not late to partake of the grace in the kingdom of God. It is your time and you will never know poverty.

Refuse to be an average person, refuse to be poor. It is your birth right to be rich. Be Part of what God is doing in His church,be part of His movement. Don't be left behind. Begin to understand the season you are in and its importance in your life. Partake wealth transfer that is taking place in this season.

God has given you wealth, the same wealth that was given to Adam during genesis. He has heard your cry and it us time for you to enjoy the things of the kingdom of God. When you leave here tell God what you are believing Him for, tell Him about the tenders, company, the jobs, promotion, houses, cars, financial and breakthroughs that you are believing God for. Believe God for bigger things.

Viewers online, be part of the kingdom and join the prophet, Major 1, for a Sunday of Financial Revival Service and bring all your documents. Stay connected to remain protected. God is still speaking.

Receive Your Financial Freedom! “Every person that is here, you will not only be delivered from Egypt; you will also receive financial freedom—silver and gold is your inheritance, it is your birthday right!”
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Always Have A Positive Spirit Toward Everything Situation

Being the first of many to come, the Month of Prayer, prepare your hearts to learn how to speak with God in a way that He listens to you and acts quickly.

I will be at Pretoria Showgrounds later today and besides the Holy Communion that we will have, God has also given me a special message just for you. Just for you.

Our service will begin shortly and, as usual, your darling Prophetic Channel and, also, all our social media platforms will make sure that distance is not a barrier.

"Today I want you to catch the spirit of prayer because in this month of prayer, everything you want—you will have it through prayer. When there's danger you will feel it.

When you pray for yourself you know how to pray and what you are praying for because you are the one feeling the pain not your neighbor. I want you to cry out to God and tell God that in this month, God must release a spirit of prayer in your life in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Lift up your voice and begin to ask God what you want!"

Each and every single day I am always amazed at how God heals even the most critical illnesses before our very eyes.

Sometimes the healing takes place over a certain period of time, but there are those times where the healing takes place with immediate effect!

Healing miracles are a tool that the Lord is using right now to showcase what He can do to us and for us!

I believe doctors can treat, but only God Can truly heal.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Healing Was Bought For us Through The Precious Blood

Testimonies give us the fuel our faith needs. As we look at what God has done in today’s fabulous testimonies, reflect on what God’s own word has to say about the revival we are witnessing with our own eyes from Deuteronomy 30 from verse 3-30!

“God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he'll have compassion on you; he'll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. No matter how far away you end up, God, you’re God, will get you out of there and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life and make you more numerous than your ancestors.

God, your God, will cut away the thick calluses on your heart and your children's hearts, freeing you to love God, your God, with your whole heart and soul and live, really live. God, your God, will put all these curses on your enemies who hated you and were out to get you. And you will make a new start, listening obediently to God, keeping all his commandments that I'm commanding you today.

God, your God, will outdo himself in making things go well for you: you'll have babies, get calves, grow crops, and enjoy an all-around good life. Yes, God will start enjoying you again, making things go well for you just as he enjoyed doing it for your ancestors.”These are the promises of God. We are waiting for your testimony!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Good Message of Humility and Hope

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesu, who being in the form of god, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made himself no reputation the form of a bondservant & coming in the likeness of men"

and being found in the appearance as a man, he humbled himself & became obedient to the point of death, even to the cross... Hallelujah!!!

What is humility? 
Humility means to be modest & the ability to count others before yourself..

Jesus was telling them at a wedding that let this mind be in you...meaning each one of us should have a humble heart if peradventure someone invite you to a wedding.. Dont go & sit in front but sit at the back until the one who invite comes... & tells!!!.. You are suppose to be at the high table not the back... 

But some of us when we are privilege to attend a wedding, we tend to be smart by going to sit at the high table of which you were not supposed to sit there... At one point, you will asked to leave that seat...& as you are leaving that seat, you will be feeling embarrassed and ashamed because you have been reduced...

This is actually what the scriptures is telling us here..that we should be humble in all things just as Jesus has shown us an example to us before his death... He who had the power to revenge the roman soldier stood so low & carried the burden to die so as to defeat sin & death on the cross of Calvary...

Benefits of humility 
(1)..god will save us
(2) will be honoured 
(3) will be lifted up 
(4)..god will keep you from evil
(5) will receive more grace 

Reflection : are you still living a fake life, or perhaps you have rebel against god.. Now is the best time to surrender your heart to Jesus.. If you are ready.. Just type i loose myself then i will pray with you

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Live to Make a Positive Difference

If you are struggling with lust, fast. It is the biggest key to destroy lust. If you are failing to pray like you used to, fast. Check your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I have trained my mind to never be led to do things subconsciously. You do not live in the world that other people are living in, the life we live is different.

You must be proud that you the sons of God. He is in you! You are not trying to be like God, you are! A little sickness can just come to you, it must go through Jesus first.

You are of worth. I lookd forward to seeing you making a difference in you. Let your ideas and your life be changed. The energy must be in right things not wrong things. Change!

Hear me now, Even if you are not where you would love to be, today, take a moment to thank God because you are not where you used to be. If He has brought you this far, surely, He will bring you even further. In Jesus mighty name!

we are in the period of promotion. I pray for whoever will read this message this morning. May the next seven days not finish without you receiving your promotion! 

May the Lord open up new doors for you and and create new platforms of influence for you, in Jesus mighty name!
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