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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Every Form of Difficulty in Pregnancy is Healed Completely

They overcame the devil by the word of their testimonies. A couple from Botswana shares with us what the God of Major 1 did for them.

The couple narrate how they got married in July 2013. With the joy of being a newly wedded couple, their union faced a twist as they couldn't be intimate due to the wife bleeding excessively. The woman was on her period for more than a year. The couple went to the hospital seeking medical help. Doctors told the woman that she is suffering from hormonal imbalance.

The couple did not receive any help from the hospital.The couple then visited a church where they were prayed for. The woman conceived unfortunately when she was 7 months pregnant she miscarried.

The woman's bleeding situation worsened to the level that she had to always seat near the toilet and have a mop to wipe the blood on the floor.

In desperation the couple visited another church and the Man of God told them that their situation was serious and needed a Major prophet.

The pastor advised the couple to go and see Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. The couple took the pastors advice and came to ECG church. However the couple didn't inform their Pastor that they are coming to ECG.

Little did they couple know that the Pastor was watching Prophetic Channel TV. When the couple got back to Botswana they received a call from their Pastor who then scorned them for coming to ECG church and referred to the Prophet as a magic man and advised the couple to look for a new church as they are no longer welcome to his church.

The couple narrate how a congregant blessed them with the anointing material. They managed to get another bottle of Lion of Judah anointing oil and continued ministering it and by the grace of God the bleeding stopped.

The woman conceived and had a miscarriage after a month.The couple did not lose hope, they visited ECG and got anointing material. The woman conceived in September. In December the woman was 3 months pregnant.

On the Crossover 2018-2019 Major 1 declared that as it is rainy everyone who attended the Crossover they will testify. Indeed the prophecy came to pass in May 2019. The woman gave birth to a lovely baby boy. You cannot take the Prophet home but you can take his anointing with you home.
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