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Friday, May 3, 2019

Do Not Give up On Your Dream - Stay Positive

Listen to this carefully.. Anyone who is only trying to bury your dream is only trying to bring it to manifestation. So, no matter how much they try.. The truth is that they will fail... Even till they get exhausted & finally give up on you... 

If you have felt like giving up.. This message is for you... Dont give up nor give in simply because god has not given up on you yet..he is still working in a some ways we cant see.. Dear beloved friend and family, I urge you this morning not to relent on him but keep trusting the one who knows the end from the beginning.. 

The one who is the final judge of all things.. The one whose ear is not too short for him to ear & answer our prayers.. The one who has eyes & can see everything around us.. The one who never sleep nor slumber.. The one who is the creator of the universe.. The one who is the master planner of time & chance.. 

The one who sit on the throne & makes the earth his footstool.. The one who has a greater say in your life hasn't forsaken nor has he rejected you... He who has assured us in time past that he is god.. Who was & is to come... 

That same god has a bigger, better & brighter future for you... 
So, i rest my case as a messenger of god.. Don't give up nor give in to the devil.. Because the devil has nothing to offer... The bible says in the book of john 10:10a & its says the thief cometh to steal, kill & to destroy but Jesus said that i have come that you may have life & more in abundance.. 

The one who has a better future for you is that one who lives on the inside of you.. The bible says in the book of 1 john 4:4 & its says greater is the one who lives in me than the one who lives in the world.. 

Remember, you are god's chosen son & daughter created in the image of his own personality... 

Christ in you as given us victory over the power of darkness... I urge you all to rejoice in your trials because all the sorrows you have endured all night will turn to joy of a new dawn for you in jesus name amen

Mary Bushiri
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