Friday, May 24, 2019

The Spirit f The Father Enables us Understand His Teachings

Although the holy spirit is our teacher, our ability and by him alone can know the depths of God (Mat12:32;) Luc1:67,80;. Luke 4:1,18; John 14:26; John 20:22; Actes1:2,5,8; 1 Cor2: 13). and without ignore that by the holy spirit we know the will of the father (1 Cor12: 3; 1 Cor2: 10-11,15; Actes16:6; Acts 13:2; Luke 2:25-32. * He did not allow us to obey the holy spirit but to God *

* Why?*

If we talk here about obey God alone, it means that many ignore the existence of God the father and expose himself to the bad spirits while thinking it is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our coach, our teacher... until we have the spirit of discern (1 Cor2: 15) the works of such spirit and such spirit, we will end up understanding that to avoid everything from being Possess by evil spirits out of ignorance, * it is advantageous to obey God the father through his holy spirit and not to the holy spirit through GOD *

🔥 the government of the Holy Spirit:

We have seen that God exercises his empire on our spirit through the Holy Spirit, and that our spirit governs our body and our whole person through our soul. * it seems simple, but involvement is of all importance.*

* NOTE *

It is only on our mind that the influence of the holy spirit is exercise to make known his (God) will. We must not wait for the holy spirit that he manifest his (God) will, for us to reflect ourselves, that we ourselves and that we ourselves, according to his will. * What God requires from us is our collaboration.*

* NB *

The Holy Spirit will never act without the consent of the will. It is up to us to say yes to the holy spirit before it manifests, if necessary, nothing. * it is a divine law that he will not break.*


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