Saturday, May 11, 2019

Understanding The Works of The Holy Spirit

To understand the works of the holy spirit in the life of a believer, we must review our walk with God. * is she really a spiritual or carnal walk?* (Rom 8:4, gal 5:25)

If indeed we are true believers, our march will also be spiritual. Many believers claim to be spiritual but their march is not spiritual. * let me tell you that a fasting of 3 or 40 days does not turn you into a spiritual. 

This fast can keep you in the range of the mind for a while and it's over. Spirituality is a way of life *

Sometimes we see some who come back from the mountain of prayer, shouted on the roofs, we are now in spirit and very spiritual... no no. * Spirituality is noticed itself in your life, it's not up to you to say it.*

Because of these confusion that is created in the body of Christ, the devil has access to make more confused the believers.

* Light *
Some believers have fallen into passivity and slavery for not understanding the work of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual March. * let me lift you up some confusion :*
🔥 obedience to the holy spirit
* The Holy Spirit, which God has given to those who obey him * (Acts 5:32).

* Light *
Sometimes we draw from this verse the conclusion that we must obey the Holy Spirit. If the followers of this point of view had observed the injunction to test minds (1 Jean4: 1,6), they would not have fallen into this error. 

They accept as coming from the holy spirit any spirit that comes to them. * by the way acts 5:32 do not invite us to obey the Holy Spirit, but to God the father.* to verse 29 of the ch. 5, the apostles respond to the representations of the sanhedrin by the claim that * you must obey God.* 

The misunderstanding can lead the believers to give in to any spirit in them or around them; he expose them to passivity and Counterfeit of the opponent. * which makes many believers are owned today even within the churches, others started with the spirit but end up with the flesh without knowing that they came out of the frame of the spiritual walk *


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