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Friday, May 31, 2019

With Faith You Can Overcome any Obstacle

Faith is a powerful tool that God has given us. When we encounter a vast mountain, it can seem insurmountable; however, God can use the “little bit” of faith within us to move the mountain out of the way. Often, we see ourselves as small, but that’s not how God sees us. 

The little bit of faith, love, compassion, and patience God has given us can move our mountains. No matter how tall or wide the mountain seems, it is no match for the little bit God has given us.??

The issue I have come to realise and also an attribute as to why our faith don't grow is because, sometimes us, Christians, take so much time judging and condemning people with little faith or those who are yet to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

But how many, amongst us, have used the same time to pray for such people, reach out to them and share with them how much Jesus Christ loves them?

Our focus should be preaching Jesus’ not condemning or judging.
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