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Sunday, June 30, 2019

I am Seeing You Experiencing Financial Revival

Welcome to the Month of August—the month where I am seeing the church and, you especially, experiencing financial revival. 

Don’t miss any service this month; I don’t want you to be left out. God has heard your prayers regarding your finances and He wants to give you a REVIVAL.

Heavens want to open your financial doors by the power of Jesus Christ!, so LET YOUR FINANCIAL DOORS OPEN TODAY!!!

But!! To partake in this Financial Revival, you have to stay focus and connected.. avoid all attractions and distractions, because  When you get distracted in life and loose focus on the essential thing you don't only disappoint yourself but those God want to bless through you.

Take note: Whenever you are about to receive your miracle, that is the time the devil loves to come and destroy you. 

So it is highly important to ALWAYS be prayerful—don’t give even a slice of your time to the devil; he is jealousy of what God is about to do to your life.

GOD IS SAYING FOCUS ON YOUR DIVINE ASSIGNMENT; THAT THING I CALLED YOU TO DO, and you will see yourself  Experiencing Financial Revival
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