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Monday, December 30, 2019

Live to Make a Positive Difference

If you are struggling with lust, fast. It is the biggest key to destroy lust. If you are failing to pray like you used to, fast. Check your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I have trained my mind to never be led to do things subconsciously. You do not live in the world that other people are living in, the life we live is different.

You must be proud that you the sons of God. He is in you! You are not trying to be like God, you are! A little sickness can just come to you, it must go through Jesus first.

You are of worth. I lookd forward to seeing you making a difference in you. Let your ideas and your life be changed. The energy must be in right things not wrong things. Change!

Hear me now, Even if you are not where you would love to be, today, take a moment to thank God because you are not where you used to be. If He has brought you this far, surely, He will bring you even further. In Jesus mighty name!

we are in the period of promotion. I pray for whoever will read this message this morning. May the next seven days not finish without you receiving your promotion! 

May the Lord open up new doors for you and and create new platforms of influence for you, in Jesus mighty name!
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