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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Revival Has Come For All Diplomats

The glory of God has moved. When the Bible says to call unto the Lord while He is near, it is important to pray earnestly and reveal your needs to Him.

Today, your family has been remembered. 

Prophets are called for people who have certain needs, either a job, maybe they need God or both.  As you connected, believe that a prophetic reward is released to you, your needs are met!

You have been fasting and praying for many years, asking God for solutions. You have connected for many years, receiving and remaining expectant for God's touch or blessings. Right now, God says He has seen your affliction and heard your requests. 

God's wave of grace has moved, it has touched everything about you. It has touched your business, career, family.

The time has come for you to enter into the month of revival where God will revive your finances, health, and ministry. You will see the Lord of hosts!

Viewers online, join Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for a wonderful first Midweek Service of August on Friday. Stay Connected to remain protected. Shalom!

Receive Major Prayers and Miracles
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