Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Sprit Of The Father is In His Words

🔥 the word:

* it will not be you who will speak, it is the spirit of your father who will speak in you * (Mat 10:20). On this basis, some brothers imagine that God will speak in their place, that they do not need, in Delivering a message, to make use of reflection and will, but that they have to offer their mouth to God passively, to let him speak by them. * NO NO.*

It is barely necessary to mention that this passage is related to the times of persecution and the appearance before the courts. * will you be silent that we lock you up?* (a togolese song.. I'm not going to say anything, the Lord will fight for me, * who told you that?*,

It should be note: the domain in which you will remain silent will depend alone on God).

* the ministry of speech cannot exercise on such a basis, for the reasons mentioned above.*

* Light *

God has manifested himself by his holy spirit through the mouths of men, let us note that they do not have the closed mouths and he (God) has manifested himself. (Acts 2:4; Acts 1:16; Luke 12:12; Mark 11:13; Mark 13:11)

🔥 the way:
* your ears will hear behind you the voice that will say: it is here the path, walk there * (ES 30:21). This text refers to the experience of the land people of God, the Jews, during the millenium, while he There will be no satanic counterfeiting. Christians who believe they are driven by a supernatural voice do not take into account their conscience or intuition. It's not while waiting for such a voice that we are driven, no. * but it is by making a thoughtful decision, on the basis of the rule of our mind.*

* we must obey God the father through the Holy Spirit and not obey the holy spirit through God the father *

Lord deliver me from the spirit of passivity, so that I will be active again, May any effect of passivity in my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ

* Let's be spiritual * * together let's change in order to change the world * * the light of souls!!!*


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