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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Yes Victory and Wisdom of Good Counsel Shall be Your Portion

God Will Open Your Eyes to His wisdom, and Your Ears to Good Counsel. He will Give you vision for today, for tomorrow and for generations to come. 

He shall Grant You Wisdom and Grace to prepare today for what is to come tomorrow. Just as He helped Joseph to store away for a famine in times of plenty. 

Just as the ant prepares and stores away for the winter, He shall grant you that foresight. May you live refuse to live for the thrills of today at the expense of a future in Jesus.

This month of August, You will Celebrate!!! Those who mocked you will watch you dance in the open in Jesus name!!!...This new month your success of greatness will cause not just you but everyone around you to smile in Jesus name.

I pray that you will enjoy the favour of God as you put your hands and minds to work this month and beyond in Jesus Name! 
Have a beautiful month ahead of you in Jesus name
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