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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Do Not Despair If You Are Rejected

MY GOD Jesus Christ the GOD of MAJOR 1 the Lord.Sometimes you have to be rejected so that you can prosper like Jacob he was rejected so that he can prosper.

Even the Lord Jesus Christ said the rejected stone is the corner stone so know that is why you are going through all this because you are a the most expensive stone in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Even Peter went to prison so that he can see that power that is inside him the power that the Lord Jesus Christ has given him.

As today the Lord Jesus Christ he puts you in all this problem so that you can see the power that is inside you I'm telling you today you are breaking out of that prison the Lord Jesus Christ is sending the same angle that realise Peter from prison to release you in any problems you are in the GOD of my father MAJOR 1 

HE is going to release you in any problems today the Lord Jesus Christ had your prayers in that prison of your problems he is sending the Angel to release you in Jesus name Amen don't forget no matter what Jesus Christ loves you stay blessed and shalom
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