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Sunday, July 21, 2019

I come Against Every Near Success Syndrome - You Will Succeed!

Bible Text:Joshua 1:8 Says this book of law must not depart out of thy mouth... But thou shall meditate therein day & night..That thou may observe to do according to all that is written; For then thou shall make thy way prosperous & then thou shall have good success..

What Is success?
Success is the ability to do that which you have been called to do on this side of eternity..
Let's look at case study of the life of Joseph... Joseph was a typical example of one who was diligent serving under his master in the house of portiphar..

The Bible also made it clear to us from the book of Matthew 6:33 & it's says seek ye first the kingdom of God & his righteousness and all others things shall be added unto you.." .
Invariably, the Bible is telling us here that we should seek to do His will first & all the material things shall be added unto you...

But some of us still keep chasing after material things & at the end of its all, they tend to face what we called mere success syndrome...

What is mere success syndrome?
Mere success syndrome happens when someone is almost there & eventually loses everything...
Note this... You can't be successful when you are chasing after worldly things like possession, wealth & money..

(1)..Have you discover purpose?
(2)..Are you walking in the alignment of the will of God for your life?
(3)..Are you equating your life with the worldly things?
(4)..Are you still tieing your success based on material things?
(5)..Are you still seeking to do His will?

I pray for as many who have been faced with a mere success syndrome...
that the Almighty God will arise & set you completely from that challenge that has been standing as an hindrance preventing you from moving to the next level in life... By the mercies of God, that success you have been desiring will come through for you in a way you least not expect in Jesus name Amen..Its coming

Prayer By Major 1
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