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Monday, July 1, 2019

I Usher You to New Beginnings

Prophetically the number seven represents completion. And the number 8 represents a new beginning. In this month, the Lord showed me that He is giving people a chance to start over and build something new. 

After laying the foundation of the Holy Spirit in July, it is now time to build on that foundation.

Amongst many other things, God revealed to me that He is going to bring in a great financial revival to the lives of the saints. In order for you to build something new, you need to be financially stable. 

Money is a necessary commodity in that, it enables you to move from one place to another. 

It allows you to expand the parameters of your influence and reach. Through money, we can take the gospel to all ends of the world!

I see God doing great and mighty things in this month. Are you ready to reach for a new beginning ? At the times of trials, that is when you exercise your trust in the lord most, by saying "no matter how hard it get God I would not complain because it could have been the other way thank you Jesus Hallelujah"
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