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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sickness is Not a Barrier For Your Blessings

Calling on the flames of the healing doctor in all of the flames of heaven. Rest in be assure that the flames of the healing touch of the consuming fire of the wonder working fire is healing and that he is working it out right now. Lift your hands with a loud sounds of praise raining fire and deliverance with the healing of the flames of the fire of the almighty, god. Yes, lord. 

Healing with the touch of the hands and remove all things from his body in the mighty, mighty blazing consuming fire of the almighty holy angles send them with your great blessing in the mighty name of he supernatural power of the holy of holiness of the throne of the king of kings. We come before you and ask for the faith of these request in the ever so, increasing faith of the power of your redeeming power. 

And stand back and see, my saints and praise with him for the healing and deliverance. Hallelujah, glory fire, ark of fire. Commune healing and delivering the door post of his house with the warrior of the holy's angels in heaven release them to rain down the presence of the flames of healing. Right now. 

Make a loud sounds of praise fire. Holy, holy, holy! Fire, fire, fire. Glory hallelujah to the mighty god. O taste and see the flames of the god we shall serves. Right now. And always! Even in new Jerusalem. 

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