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Monday, July 29, 2019

The Song of Psalm is in My Lips

1.My Lord and my God, you are huge and dangerous.
When you turn your eyes towards me, the very earth am standing on trembles.

2.I love you the God of Israel,
You are my God, For you have defended me; the way you defend Israel. All the battles I have faced, your mighty hand has seen me through.

3.From morning to evening, your praise will be on my mouth. In the middle of the night, I wake up and enjoy the glory of your presence.

4.God of Major1, your deeds are so mighty. You show up and show off my God,
You Lord are so full of wonders; I love you God of Major1. My Lord and my God, you are so huge and so dangerous!

As you sing and pray back this son of psalm to the God of Major 1, I pray decree that God of major1 ll remember you this month, this month ll never end without your breakthrough without your healing, receive and believe that something great will happen this month in Jesus name.

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