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Friday, December 27, 2019

Always Have A Positive Spirit Toward Everything Situation

Being the first of many to come, the Month of Prayer, prepare your hearts to learn how to speak with God in a way that He listens to you and acts quickly.

I will be at Pretoria Showgrounds later today and besides the Holy Communion that we will have, God has also given me a special message just for you. Just for you.

Our service will begin shortly and, as usual, your darling Prophetic Channel and, also, all our social media platforms will make sure that distance is not a barrier.

"Today I want you to catch the spirit of prayer because in this month of prayer, everything you want—you will have it through prayer. When there's danger you will feel it.

When you pray for yourself you know how to pray and what you are praying for because you are the one feeling the pain not your neighbor. I want you to cry out to God and tell God that in this month, God must release a spirit of prayer in your life in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Lift up your voice and begin to ask God what you want!"

Each and every single day I am always amazed at how God heals even the most critical illnesses before our very eyes.

Sometimes the healing takes place over a certain period of time, but there are those times where the healing takes place with immediate effect!

Healing miracles are a tool that the Lord is using right now to showcase what He can do to us and for us!

I believe doctors can treat, but only God Can truly heal.

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