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Friday, December 20, 2019

Baby Conception and Fruit of the Womb is Yours

Betty Mahlangu came with her daughter and her husband. They were attending a certain church and the husband was a Pastor.

They have been trying for a baby a very long time since 2006. Her biological brother introduced her to ECG in 2015 but she couldn't come because she was still going to their church. The lady in question could lie to her husband that she was sick as a way of avoiding going to church.

For 3 months she was not going to church, then one day she decided to come to ECG. She saw some miracles,signs and wonders in ECG but on the other hand the husband was worried about the time spend at church then he decided to join the wife one Sunday.

In July of 2018 the husband came for International Visitors Program and it was a month of breakthrough. He bought Lion of Judah and Anointing water and oil to use.

She conceived in November but she didn't know,but they decided to go and see a doctor in December and it was confirmed that she was a month pregnant.

They had struggled for 13 years to have another baby but to no avail. June of 2019 she wanted to come for International Visitors Program but they had a problem with the bank, but in July of 2019 she managed to come for the program and in August she gave birth to a baby girl. The age difference between their children is 15 years.

The husband came forward and told the congregation that he was very stubborn and had too much pride to the point that he didn't believe in other churches especially ECG,but after what the Lord has done for him he is now a changed man. A real Iron Man.

He said the moment that he stepped in this place,he felt like something has been removed from him and he started feeling like a new person.

He honoured the God of Major 1 and told the congregation we should swallow our pride because the anointing in this place is too much it doesn't want to be missed.
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