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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nobody Said That You Can't Move From Employee To Employer

A man originally from Zimbabwe comes forward to glorify the God of Major 1 for being a great God and father to him. In September 2018, he was chased from the company he was working for but it never settled in well with him.

In November 2018, he came to the International visitors program and after that , the same company called him to return to work but he refused.

Again in January the same company called him to come to work but he told them he had something to do because he was finalising his company registrations and that needed his full attention as he did not have SA documents.

The same company offered him a job on contract with a condition that they will renew it monthly. While working for the company, instead of them renewing the contract they decided that he becomes a subcontractor provided he hires his own employees.They also added that he can use their work equipments to complete his job .

God of Major 1 has done it for him. He says he receives plus or minus R50 000 that he could not even earn in a year. This could only be the hand of God, the God of Major 1.

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