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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Seek The Eternal Kingdom Where Wealth Peace And Joy Reigns

There is so much wealth in the kingdom, there is so much favor, joy, peace in the kingdom and the time to possess it is now. You are not late to partake of the grace in the kingdom of God. It is your time and you will never know poverty.

Refuse to be an average person, refuse to be poor. It is your birth right to be rich. Be Part of what God is doing in His church,be part of His movement. Don't be left behind. Begin to understand the season you are in and its importance in your life. Partake wealth transfer that is taking place in this season.

God has given you wealth, the same wealth that was given to Adam during genesis. He has heard your cry and it us time for you to enjoy the things of the kingdom of God. When you leave here tell God what you are believing Him for, tell Him about the tenders, company, the jobs, promotion, houses, cars, financial and breakthroughs that you are believing God for. Believe God for bigger things.

Viewers online, be part of the kingdom and join the prophet, Major 1, for a Sunday of Financial Revival Service and bring all your documents. Stay connected to remain protected. God is still speaking.

Receive Your Financial Freedom! “Every person that is here, you will not only be delivered from Egypt; you will also receive financial freedom—silver and gold is your inheritance, it is your birthday right!”
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