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Friday, May 10, 2019

You Shall Get New Beginnings, Do Not Go Back To Your Rubbish

Midweek Holy Ghost LIVE: New Beginnings!

"God will not flow through you if there is rubbish in you, but He is giving you a second chance to be made whole again.

If you are here and you say you want God to beautify your life ,you want Him to fill you with His spirit and mould you into becoming the best version that suits you for what He has created you for and you want to give your life to Christ say this prayer with me;

"God of Major 1

Holy one of Israel

I repent of my sins

I ask you to have mercy on me

Do not count my transgressions

Lord Jesus,

Son of God, who died for me

Wash me with your blood

Forgive my sins

Take away my inequities

Holy Ghost fill me now

Live in me

Holy spirit be my best friend ,from today going forward

Thank You for saving my soul

Now give God a loud hallelujah!"

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