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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Double Portion of Your Salary is Your Portion This Month

A man testifies and urges the saints never to take the prophets instructions for granted.

He vividly recalls that during a certain Sunday service, Major 1 narrated that some people’s lives are not progressing because they are harboring un-forgiveness in their hearts. Thereafter, the Prophet told the saints to make sure they apologize to all those that they did wrong. Convicted by the word, the man tells that he immediately apologized to his wife for hindering her career.

The man tells that he was not comfortable with her working in a different city than where they were staying. He did not want her to work in Pretoria but in Witbank where they were residing. He did not want them to be living apart, and so he had instructed her to resign from her work. For four months she sat at home unproductive and doing nothing. This resulted in there being no peace at home. The wife was unhappy and did not forgive her husband for this.

When the major prophet then gave the instruction of forgiveness, he told his wife that he was willing to help her look for a job in the same town where she had been previously working.

They searched for the job together and today, the man, on behalf of his wife, tells that she now has a new job that is offering her twice the mount of salary that she had been receiving previously.

What a mighty God we serve!
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