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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Your Heart is Your Secret Room Where Ideas Are Born

Prophetess Mary Bushiri is a prized intercessor. It is wise to rise in prayer in a prophetic ministry. 

The anointing must be respected and this morning our mother in the Lord speaks with power and authority believing in the season that has been declare over our lives here at ECG. 

The power of the spoken word leaves us all praying in the understanding, praying in the Spirit and praying from a place of revelation as we join our spirits with heaven and believe God for financial revival.

The bible says the people of Jacob will possess the Land that is theirs by right.Today in this house the sons and Daughters of Major 1 will possess possession.

It is time to point out the the assets the God of Major 1 has blessed you with, the ,apartment, complex,shopping mall.

What makes sinners to envy you is not your speaking in tongues but what your Lord has blessed with.May the Lord give you assets to point,that the entire village will want your God
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