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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Go Out This Week and Be Prosperous

May the Lord be with you as you go about your daily endeavors today. I am praying for you all. To all those who are traveling, whether by foot, road, sea or air, may the Lord protect you against any accidents in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

To all those that are going for job interviews in this day, I declare as the Lord’s Prophet that it is done!

To all those that are applying for projects or tenders- God’s favor is upon you in Jesus matchless name!

To those that are sick and are in pain, today God has dispatched His angels to minister healing to your bodies- be healed in the glorious name of Jesus Christ!

All those that are feeling heavily burdened, the Spirit of the living God is exchanging that garment of heaviness for a garment of praise today!

And to those that feel as though they have backslid-den in their spiritual lives, may the God I serve day and night, bring you back to the heart of worship. May a fire be ignited in your spirit that will cause you to pray like never before.

Every crooked path is being made straight today, hallelujah! Chat me here on messenger let me pray for you!
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