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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

It is an Honour to be You, Make The Most out of It

What an honor it is that we have been chosen by God, creator of the universe, to get to know, believe and understand Him. When you are chosen that means you are special! God doesn’t choose just anybody He chose you and I to experience the abundant life in Christ. Some of you haven’t been chosen for anything in life perhaps you have been passed over for positions at work or sports or to do things the world offers, but God has chosen you to impact His Kingdom and to live forever with Him. When you were chosen God began writing pathways out of your wilderness and sending rivers of water through your deserts so that you would be refreshed.

Now God wants you to get to know Him! When you get to know your Creator you will begin to understand that He is a big God and that nothing is impossible for Him. You will understand that when we are broken that we go to Him for repair. If you had a broken watch you would take it to a watch repair shop not the cleaners or a car repair shop.

When you get to know God you will understand there is a plan for your life and that you are not just random. You will come to understand that He numbered the hairs on your head and that you are extremely loved. When you begin to believe in God you begin to believe that all things are possible, that He is causing everything to work for the good for you bringing you closer to Him. Understanding God’s love and plans for you, peace and joy begin to dominate your life instead of worry and fear.

Understanding God allows more favor and blessings in your life instead of curses and spiritual hopelessness. When you understand that He alone is God and that He doesn’t wants us to worship other god’s like addiction, lack, unforgiveness, worry, hopelessness, hurts, habits or hang-ups which take us away from Him and His plan. Today and this year God wants you to get to know, believe and understand Him so you can live the abundant life in Christ! Start today!

Today’s Prayer
Heavenly Father, thank you for choosing us for eternal life with You. Today Lord Jesus show me how to get to know You and Your Father in Heaven. Show me how to begin to understand Your love for me and the plans You have for me. Lord Jesus show me how to trust You with everything in my life and how to live in victory in You! Lord I give you all the praise and honor for past victories but I am excited about what you are about to do as I get to know You today. In Your Sons Name Jesus. Amen
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