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Friday, November 1, 2019

Be That Change and Desire You Seek

If you have fallen or lost direction physically or spiritually: pick yourself up. You don’t need money or friends or a rich background, you need yourself. Keep on running.
Acquire the race attitude. Nothing became great from nowhere, there will be moments of falling down, but pick yourself up. I did not have a sponsor. A few year later, I had caused such a difference in so many people.

The people still remember me in their story because I made a choice not to be influenced but to influence. Don’t be changed by anything. Gold is tested in the fire. When gold comes out of the fire, it is unbreakable because it has been through the fire. Surround yourself with the right people who will hold your hand!

What will you achieve in 5 years time—it is for a man to be young once. Life is not just about school only. School yourself more than you school at school in order to become whom you need to become.

If you are struggling with lust, fast. It is the biggest key to destroy lust. If you are failing to pray like you used to, fast. Check your relationship with the Holy Spirit.
I have trained my mind to never be led to do things subconsciously. You do not live in the world that other people are living in, the life we live is different.

You must be proud that you the sons of God. He is in you! You are not trying to be like God, you are! A little sickness can just come to you, it must go through Jesus first

You are of worth. I lookd forward to seeing you making a difference in you. Let your ideas and your life be changed. The energy must be in right things not wrong things. Change!
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