How to add social media icons to blogger

How To Add Social Media Icons To Blogger [Two Simple Ways]

Easy Ways On How To Add Social Media Icons To Blogger

With the upcoming Google updates, you will be required to include social media icons in your blog posts. It is a good way to grow your blog traffic through social networking sites.

But the only problem we face while working with Blogger blogs is that how to add social media icons on Blogger blogs without any code. So, today I am going to show you an easy way to add social media icons to Blogger blogs with just few steps.

Did you know that readers will actually stay on your blog longer if there are social media icons on it? Research shows that readers will be more likely to visit the page again if it is linked to a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and so on.

Social media icons have become an essential part of a blog. They help readers to connect with you without leaving your blog. However, on Blogger platform, adding these social media links is not very straightforward. Recently, I discovered  Social Media Icons Generator for Blogger that makes it really easy to insert social media icons in blogger blogs. If you want to learn how to use this tool, read this article below.

First Method

How to Use Blogger Social Media Icons Generator

The Social Media Icons Generator for bloggers is a free tool that is very easy to use, Any one can use it to generate social media icons of a popular networking sites and links it to your social media profiles or pages. It requared only two simple step to achieve.

Step 1 Visit HERE and Enter the profile URL’s for the social media icons you want.

Step 2. Click on Generate to see preview of the social media icons generated.

Step 3. Finally Click on Add to Blogger button, to open another window to add the icons to your Blogger blog.

NOTE;– It will request you to enter blog name

Easy to use – no design experience needed! Just enter the URL for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest profile page and click on create. From there you can download the icon and use it in your marketing materials.

More tips on Blogger Social Media Icons Generator

Generate Social Media Icons created by SysTem4Pc is a simple and free way to create unlimited number of social media icons in a design, format and color of your choice.

This can be used widely as an icon generator, RSS Feed icon creator as well as e-mail marketing campaign builder. The software works in 2 simple steps: enter the URL of your social media profile page for all the social media sites that you want to create icons for and pick the design, color and format of your choice.

Add Social Media Icons to Your Blogger Blog

Immediately you are satisfied with the design, click on Add to Blogger button to easily add the generated icons to your blogger blog. It should open a new browser tab with Blogger asking you to select a blog to add the icons. Select the correct blog and click on Add Widget.

The social media icons created are now added to your blog. You can now view it on your blog. To control the position of the icons, go to Blogger dashboard > Layout > and drag the Gadget “Social Media” to the position you desired.

Second Method

To do this you’ll have to get the link of the image you want to use.

Step 1. Upload your image to any social media networks of your choice e.g facebook/twitter.

Incase you dont want to use your uploaded image, just head in to google and search for the image you would like to use.

Now copy the URL/link of the
image: to do this on your desktop
*. right click on the image, from the options select “copy image location” and save to a text editor like Notepad.

You/ve gotten the URL of the image

1. Now go to your blogger dashboard, from the Sidebar click on Add
a Gadget

2. Select HTML/Javascript

3. In the box paste this code

<a href=”Social Media URL goes here”><img src=”Image URL goes here”></a>

¤ In the space for Social Media Url goes here simply input your profile url within the quotes e.g your facebook/profile url. It should be something like or

¤ In the Space for Image URL goes here simply input the url of the image you copied.

3. Now click save.

Add as many social media icons as you want by following the above Methods.

Hope this helps, if you encounter any problem the comment box below is not an exception. Feel free to share.


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