How to Create Pages in Blogger

How to Create Pages in Blogger [ Best Tip]

Best Tip: How to Create Pages in Blogger

Blogger is a free and easy to use platform that provides you with templates, layouts and themes to create your website. With Blogger you can also create pages. Pages are different from posts, because they are static pages on your blog.

A page can have a set URL, so when people visit that page, they will see the content you’ve published on that page. If you publish a lot of articles about the same topic, for example “how to make money online”, then it would make sense to create one page for each post about this topic. This way people can find your page.

Follow below steps to create any page in your blogger/blogspot blog

1. Login to blogger and go to dashboard

2. Click on Pages

3. Click “Create new page” and Input your page title

4. Write whatever you wish to write and after you’re done writing, click publish

To create more page repeat the above steps one after the other.

To display the new page in your blog homepage follow the below steps:

Step 1. Go to layout In the side bar click on “Add a gadget”

Step 2. Select ‘Pages Gadget’

Step 3. Now all the pages you’ve created would show up, Just check/tick the boxes behind those you want displayed.

You can re-arrange by “dragging and dropping” to show which page appears first

Finally, Click Save

All your pages would now be displayed in the side bar of your blog homepage.

Advantage Of Create Pages in Blogger

The secret to creating a professional blog is simple: create your pages in blogger. There are several advantages to using blogger as your content management system instead of or self-hosting your own site.

The first and most obvious advantage is the fact that you can use google analytics and adwords tools to track traffic and optimize your content, which is not available if you use a site or a self-hosted site.

The second advantage is that you can use a variety of other google services within blogger to make your platform more robust and user friendly. These include Google calendar, hangouts


Pages are a great way to organize your blog. They can help you create a more coherent appearance for your blog, and also give people an easy way to find content about a particular topic.

Just make sure you don’t create too many pages as this will make it difficult for people to find the page they need. If you need more information on how to use Blogger, please check out our tutorial

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