GTbank launches the GTworld App: GTbank Mobile App Made Banking Easy

GTbank Mobile Banking App
GTbank Mobile Banking App

Banking has never been this Easy: GTbank Mobile App

If you are a GTbank customer then I got good news for you, right now you can bank from the comfort of your home; make transfers, Pay bills such as DSTV, Gotv, pay children school fee etc. without having to go to the ATM to withdraw. Meaning, you can do all that from your Mobile Phone with the GTworld App also popuplarly known as GTbank Mobile App. 

GTbank has only made it more simpler for customers to bank with ease with the release of its GTworld App that is designed to cater for all your needs. Now I would be highlighting some cool things you can do with the GTworld App and as well teach you how to use the App.

Features of the GTworld App

The GTworld mobile app offers a variety of features that make it very easy to use on the go. The app was designed for convenience and simplicity, with a focus on user experience.

The following are some of the most prominent features of the GTworld app:

  • Ease to use: Users can search for keywords, browse through the latest articles, and click to read them directly in the app. This makes it very convenient for users to find interesting content quickly.
  • Social media integration: The GTworld app also has social media integration.

The following highlight gives major features

1, Login and complete your transactions using your face, fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN.

2. Check your account balance; transfer money within your accounts and buy airtime; all without having to sign in

3. Turn your contacts into a beneficiary list; send money to someone using just their mobile number.

4. Apply for loans and set savings target right from your phone.

5.  Send your Account Statements to your email or to an embassy of your choice and lots of other features

What you can do with the GTworld App that seems Amazing

Today, most people use the internet to find information and entertainment, whether it’s via social media, gaming, or streaming. These activities require you to be online, which means that your phone is always on.

That’s why it’s important to download the GTworld app today on your iOS or Android device and start enjoying the best content from around the world wherever you are.

The amazing things about GTworld app is that it makes easy for you to access all of the latest news, sports scores, weather updates and entertainment stories from your favorite sites. You can also customize your own personalized.

Check out more below

1, Pay bills

2. Transfer money to GTBank accounts and all other banks.

3. Buy airtime and data for self and third party.

4. Schedule and manage standing orders

Services Of GTbank Mobile App

The GTBANK App makes your banking experience easier, faster, and more convenient. For example, you can use the app to transfer money with just one click, pay bills instantly, check balances and account details, locate nearby GTBANK branches and ATMs, and more.

You can also use the app to subscribe to GTBANK’s SMS alerts for your account balances or transactions. There is a new feature that allows you to scan QR codes for fast and easy payments or transfers. The app also allows you to send records of your ATM transactions via email or text message for easy record keeping.

More service below

  1. Find GTBank ATMs and branches near you
  2. Block your lost or stolen card
  3. Get a New Card
  4. Get the best deals on the SME Markethub

With all these wonderful features about the GTworld App; you may want to ask: How do I set it up and start enjoying its features right away.

How to Setup GTworld App And GTbank Mobile App

Below content shows a step by step guide on how to setup GT World App and GTbank Mobile App.

The first step is to download it from googleplay and Install by searching or alternatively,

When you install App follow the below steps to set it up

Step 1:

Launch the GTworld App and you would be brought to the first screen; all you need do is swipe through until it brings you the screen where you would have to enter your Email or User ID and Password.

You need to click on the Signup button to signup with the GTworld App. If you are an existing customer, click on the Existing customer’s button and enter your Account details e.g. Account Number, Phone Number and your Card details. When you get to OTP , (One Time Password) your OTP would be sent to your Registered Email Address. Check your email and enter the OTP sent to you.

Now Click Continue and follow the next instructions to get done. This is how to setup the GTworld App. Start transacting right away.

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