How to Open FCMB Account Online: Almost Anyone can do this

How to Open FCMB Account Online
How to Open FCMB Account Online

Easy Way On How to Open FCMB Account Online: Almost Anyone can do this

Banking has never been this simple with fcmb simplicity. FCMB allows opening of account online and that’s what you are going to learn this article right away. You may be asking why I write much about FCMB and to answer your question, I love FCMB. They have been my bank right from time and I’m enjoyed their services.

So I would be Shared with you right now how you can open FCMB Account Online. But before we start, let’s get to know what you can do with this Account and what you need to Open it.

For Opening FCMB Account Online; you would need

  1. Scanned Copy of your Passport Photograph :- What you do here is snap Passport and Scan at any Cyber Cafe near you.

2. Scanned Copy of your Signature:- Here you need to sign on a Plane Sheet and have the cyber cafe scan the Signature for you or you can do it yourself if you have knowledge about it and have your scanner at home too; but if you don’t you should go to the nearest cafe in your Area

FEATURES of this Account 

  • Zero minimum operating balance
  • Attractive and highly competitive interest rate
  • Free access to secure mobile and internet banking
  • Debit card that can be used anywhere around the world

After all these minimum requirements and Wondeful features, you may want to ask me to go straight to the Point right away. Ofcourse am going to do that!

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How to Open FCMB Account Online (Exact steps to follow)


Visit FCMB online account registration page here and click on get started 


Now you would have to fill in your  details, including your Date of Birth, Phone Number, Who the Account is for, etc…. Make sure you fill in the Correct Details.


When you reach the page where they would request for the Passport Photograph and Signature. Then click on choose and upload them and finally click Complete and you would be welcomed with a Congratulation Message that you’ve successfully Opened an FCMB Account. 

What you need to do now is relax while they send you your Account Number. 

When you receive your Account Number you can go on to depositing and saving to your new Bank Account. 

As time goes on, you can also request a Debit card for withdrawing your Money and making transactions online. 

This is how to Open FCMB Account Online. Hope you enjoyed the Post? Show some love….. Ask your questions, Make contributions and Share with Friends

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