How Replace 32 inches LCD TV Board with Universal Led Tv Motherboard

How Replace 32 inches LCD TV Board with Universal Led Tv Motherboard

In this article we will show you step-by-step how to replace the 32-inch LCD TV board with a universal LED TV motherboard. You will also learn difference between the LCD and the LED Comparison. Say goodbye to outdated Television technology embrace new errand.

Getting to start with LCD board and LED motherboard

In order to successfully replace the 32-inch LCD TV board with the latest universal LED TV motherboard, it is very important to know the key components involved within this technology. We shall start by Letting you know there functions and differences between LCD TV boards and LED TV motherboards, providing you with the necessary knowledge to enhance your upgrade.

Difference Between LCD board and LED Motherboard

An LCD TV board, also known as a motherboard or mainboard, is the central control unit of an LCD TV. It houses various circuitry and components that handle important functions such as signal processing, power distribution, and communication between different parts of the television. LCD TV boards play a vital role in delivering audio and video signals to the screen, ensuring a smooth and high-quality viewing experience. While the LED TV motherboards serve the same purpose as LCD TV boards but are specifically designed for LED TVs and is being control by backlighting, brightness levels, and color reproduction, resulting to vibrant and dynamic images on the screen.

Tools and Safety Measure Required

Before you embark on the replacement process, it’s very important to be get the the right tools ready and also take safety measures. Taking the necessary precautions and having the correct equipment will ensure that the entire process goes smoothly without any potential risks.

Here’s a list of tools you’ll need

  1. Set of Screwdriver (including star and flathead)
  2. Long nose Pliers
  3. Pliers
  4. Clean cloth or microfiber towel
    5 . Small container to put screws

Safety Measure

The TV most be disconnected from the power source before starting the replacement.
Place the TV on a stable surface such as table using a soft cloth or towel to protect the screen.

Step By Step Guild To Replace LED Motherboard

If you’re ready to replace 32-inch LCD TV with a universal LED TV motherboard, follow this step-by-step guide for the replacement process. That is it you have new universal motherboard handy

Identify the LCD TV board, usually situated in the center or bottom of the TV. Disconnect the cables connecting the board to other Parts or components. Take note of the cable positions to ensure correct reassembly later.
Locate the screen cable
It is very important to locate the screen cable and Make sure you know the supply voltage for the screen, else you will burn the screen (also know as panel) depending on the product, usually 32 inches screen is 12v and the voltage terminal is always at the life side , but some can be 5V like Samsung and other.

Installing the universal LED motherboard
The latest universal LED motherboard comes with two important sections, but some don’t have those section all depends
Voltage jumper: these jumper enable you to select supply voltage to the screen, ranging from 3.5v, 5v and 12 v.

Screen Jumper: these enable You t o select screen resolution, select until you have desired resolution.
Note: some Motherboard is supply with 12V adoptor While some is direct 220v Ac.

After the installation of the universal motherboard, try to connect other components such speaker and Remote sensor .