How To Empty Trash On Android [Best Way]

How To Empty Trash On Android
How To Empty Trash On Android

Easy Method On How to Empty Trash On Android

Have you ever thought of why your phone’s memory always full, while you keep deleting files? AfFew weeks back, i was having similar problems, were,

I kept on emptying the trash on my Android phone to no avail. The device keeps on slowing down, so annoying to see my phone lag every time I use it.

On this post we shall give you guide on how to empty trash Android-based on popular demand from our visitors and I believe that you will find it useful too.

Android has been the leader in mobile OS for years. It is very likely that your Android phone can be used to perform multiple tasks through a series of applications. However, you may notice that there are many applications installed on your phone but you can only use one at a time.

When it comes to deleting the apps from your Android phone, you will find it much easier than doing it on other smart devices like iPhone and iPad,

Unfortunately, most Android phone does not come with such an inbuilt trash-can, but dont worry there is always a way out. Read to the end as we reveal tp you step to achieve this purpose.

Step To Take In Order To Empty Trash On Android

Originally, most Androids device do not come a trash can by default, A lot of people doesn’t know how to empty trash on android device, but her we shall detail the very best method to do this on your Androids phone.

Follow the this step below to empty trash on android device

  • Clearing your Androids phone cached data
  • Emptying the trash from each of the applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos.
  • Download and Install a Recycle bin Application on your device
  • How to Free Up More Storage Space On Android Phones


1). Clearing phone cached data

First thing’s first. What is cached data? Well, in brief, it’s data that has been saved by your device to optimize your web browsing experience. By caching a website’s content, more time is saved when you visit them the second (and tenth) time.

This way, you don’t need to wait for all the images and content to load, but rather it’s already pre-loaded for you! While it does make your usage faster, it takes up memory on your phone that you can use for other purposes. So, if you need to delete your cached data to free up some space, keep reading!

To do this:- Open the Apps & the notifications menu of your browser

Go to the device’s settings. 

.  Select hastory thab click on clear browser data

Note: – Depends on he browser

2). Emptying the trash from each of the applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos.

Today, we are going to share a detailed about how to clean trash and delete old messages from Gmail, Google Drive and Google photos .

For the edification of all those users who have a desire to know about the procedure, we have described each of the steps in a detailed manner.

Empty unwanted Trash On Your Gmails

Note that e-mails and Google photos remain in the trash box for almost 30 good day before it can be permanently deleted automatically with out any command.

Follow the below steps to empty the trash in Gmail manually.

  • Open your Gmail application.
  • Click on the menu on the top-left corner.
  • Screw down to Select “Trash” and then “click trash now to empty completely

Empty the Trash in Google Photos

Google Photos is an aplication that automatically backs up photos and videos (up to 16 megapixels and 1080p) from your compatible smartphone or tablet, so you never have to worry about losing precious memories again.

some time this photos and videos may take more than enough space your phone making the device slow and the only solution is to delete them.

All those photos and videos deleted in Google Photos remain in the trash for about 60 days. After, will be permanently deleted

Meanwhile, .If you can’t wait so long and need to free up the space on your mobile phone, than trash manually by following below steps .

  • Open the application from Google Photos.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Screw down to bottom and click on “Library”. Then, select “Trash”, “More” and “Empty trash”.
  • You will need to confirm the action, option given before a final click on “Delete”.

Empty the Trash in Google Drive

Google Drive is a powerful tool for keeping all your files organized, backed up and available wherever you are. It’s also a handy way to keep track of all the crap files you create while browsing the Internet.

To empty the trash in Google Drive, there is simply way to do them, note that after deleting, the files remain in the trash for 30 days before it can be permanently deleleted. Below are steps to permanently delete them manually.

  • Open the Google Drive application.
  • Go to the menu on the top-left corner.
  • Click on the “Trash” folder, select the specfic files you want to delete, tap “More” and “permanently delete”.

3). Download and Install a Recycle bin Application on your device

Android is a powerful OS but it comes at a price. There are several things that Google has done to make Android unique, but there are also some things that they missed. One of the most important things that they missed is a recycle bin.

If you delete a file on Android, it’s gone forever. You can’t get it back unless you connect your phone to your computer and copy and paste it back into the Android file system.

This is one of the biggest flaws in Android, and when you consider how often people accidentally delete files, it makes sense why not included,but don’t worry, because this article reveals details how to download and install Recycle bin on your Android phone.

This apps allows users to have a recycle bin, active at all times phone, where the files that you deleted will be saved.

Step By Step Guild To Install The App

1). Visit Google PlayStore, search for ‘Recycle Bin App for Android and download.

2). Once application is installed successfully, it will ask you to give it the relevant permissions so that it can work.

3). If the Recycle Bin is active and working, you will see an icon of a trash can that shown.

4). From that very moment, all files deleted on you android device will be seen Recycle bin which can be re-instored or emptied permanently whenever you desired.

Information regarding the operation of this app


icon in the shape of “x” in a circle, which allowed users to permanently delete the file from recycle bin.


An icon with a green cross in a circle that allows users to re-record said file in the same place from where we deleted it


 icon with a blue “i” inside a shape of circle, which used to open that file and see what it contains.

4). How to Free Up More Storage Space On Android Phones

In addition, most Android smartphone users found that their phones’ storage and RAM are getting slower after a certain period of using their phones. It is caused by apps that run in the background.

Normally, you can free up more space on Android by clearing the cache and temporary files on your phone/tablet and move photos and videos to the external SD card. But what if you could free up more space than just that?


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